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Top 25 Refreshing Breakfast-Enders

Looking for that perfect breakfast-ender to conclude your delicious meal? You may reach for a relaxing fresh juice or your daily dose of caffeine. Ending that filling breakfast with a luscious dessert is not a bad idea either. You can try out some exciting breakfast dessert ideas that are not only good for summer but are perfect for any season! No one would mind some delicious breakfast drinks and desserts right after breakfast.
In cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, foodies are always on the lookout on new food experiences. During summer for example, people often look for refreshing drinks to stay hydrated and beat the summer heat. In winter, diners would normally prefer the hot drinks than cold ones. But why not break the trend and experiment?

We’ve created a list of refreshing breakfast-enders (and yes, we’re not only talking about drinks!) that will surely make you feel refreshed, relaxed and satisfied whatever the season may be. So get your pens ready and note down which suits your mood (and craving) best.

Top Refreshing Breakfast-enders for All Seasons

Breakfast Drinks for winters too!

1. Sparkling Pineapple Ginger Ale

Do you want to host a get-together? Then include sparkling pineapple ginger ale. The pineapple juice and ginger ale taste great together. Ginger is good for digestion and what can be better than finishing off a breakfast with a sparkling drink that will help you digest the food especially in cold winter! Do try this breakfast idea and let your guests appreciate your taste in beverages.

2. Iced Tea with Plums and Thyme

Iced tea is always refreshing. That’s why you will find it in almost every healthy breakfast menu everywhere. You can have it along with your food or have it later. The choice is totally up to you. Add some plums and thyme to get the boost. Thyme is loaded with Vitamin C and is a powerful source of Vitamin A too. Plums, on the other hand, are rich in antioxidants. It maintains the good health of your heart. So, if you are looking for the best breakfast in Dubai, finish off your meal with an iced tea with plums and thyme.

Watermelon Cooler3. Watermelon-Mint Cooler

The classic fruit of summers, watermelon doesn’t only taste good, but it is high in antioxidants too. In fact, watermelon has a lot of nutrients than most of the other vegetables and fruits. Mint improves digestion, prevents nausea, and reduces stress too. This gives you enough reason to enjoy this breakfast drink even when summer’s over.

4. Cucumber and Lime Spritzer

All you got to do is buy a club soda and add some cucumber and squeeze some lime juice and your refreshing after-breakfast drink is ready. Why this popular drink you ask? Well, cucumber is low in calories and high in nutrients. It hydrates your overall body too. If you are someone who loves to have a low-calorie drink, then this is the one for you. Lime juice will detoxify your body, and it boosts metabolism as well.

5. Dole Whip Lemonade

Do you want to feel the tropical-flavoured slushies, then try some dole whip lemonade! It tastes excellent, and lemonade is right for your health. Add some pineapple chunks, some sweet coconut milk, and a few drops of lemonade and your dole whip lemonade drink is ready to serve. And hey, don’t forget the cherry on top to make it look picture perfect! Your friends will enjoy this refreshing drink for sure.

6. Glow Water

Glow Water with FruitsHow about some healthy drinks which will keep you fresh, make the perfect breakfast-ender drink, and taste just amazing? Well, how about some glow water? This zero-calories drink is so simple to make. Add some refreshing flavour and start sipping. You can add cucumber, spring mints, lemon, ginger, strawberries, and any fruit that you think will go well with the glow water. Get the refreshing taste of fruits and mint leaves – making it the perfect drink for that amazing breakfast party for your friends.

7. Mermaid Lemonade

When you think about a party, think about something special. There are a lot better ways to end your breakfast than your normal tea and coffee. For that upcoming breakfast party, try some mermaid lemonade. This blue colour mocktail will make everyone in the party asking for more! Kids will love this drink too! You will need blue curacao, lemonade, lemon slice and a few maraschino cherries. It’s really yummy!

8. Popsicle punch

This easy to make breakfast drink has popsicles instead of ice, and this drink contains some mangos and strawberries. We will recommend you to add mango popsicle for the extra taste. This fun drink will surely uplift the mood of everyone present at your breakfast party. Let everyone enjoy and have a blast. There may also be some restaurants (or cafés!) that can deliver it for you to save you the trouble of making it yourself. Try exploring the cafes and online delivery options near you!

9. Green Monster Margarita Smoothie

The reason why we love summer so much is because of the ample amount of smoothies and drinks we get to try. This mouth-watering watermelon margarita smoothie is to die for. The smoothie texture and the green colour makes this the perfect summer drink to try. But that doesn’t hinder us from enjoying this smoothie even during the cold winter months. Because of the nutrients you’ll get from this mixture, it only makes sense to also add it to your must-have breakfast-ender list. Add a dash of lime juice if you wish to have that additional punch of tangy-sweet flavour.

10. Fizzy Fruity Floats

Got some flavoured soda in the house, then make this fizzy fruit floats for breakfast. All you need is some fruit sodas, pick from orange, raspberry, and grape. Don’t forget to toss it up with a delicious vanilla ice cream for the fizzy effect. This extremely easy to make drink tastes superb and refreshing. For added taste, add fizzy fruity floats in your dessert drinks.

11. Grapefruit Citrus Sparkling Cocktail

Are you thinking about an all-girls morning get-together during breakfast? Then you must include the grapefruit citrus sparkling cocktail in the menu! This fabulous mocktail is the best to make you feel rejuvenated in the morning. The taste of fresh lime and lemon, grapefruit juice mixed with sparkling water is just what you need to get you pumped up. Try it for your next get-together party and let everyone be impressed.

Breakfast Desserts, Anyone?

As said earlier, ending your breakfast with your favourite drinks doesn’t need to be the only way. So, here is our list of breakfast dessert ideas which you can include in your menu to end your delicious breakfast.

1. Almond Avocado Pudding

Pudding is an all-time favourite for most people. To make it healthier, skip the heavy cream and use healthy fat-filled avocado. Avocado makes the pudding creamier, thicker, and you get to have your bowl filled with nutrients. Kids will surely enjoy this healthy pudding too! With its uniqueness and creamy taste, you can try this recipe for your next breakfast get together.

Breakfast Baked Apply
2. Baked Apple

Fruits go well as toppings; however, when you bake them, something magical happens. It gives you caramelised texture, and it becomes sweeter. Try this out with a ripped apple. Bake it in the oven. For the toppings, feel free to top it up with anything that you think will complement it. You can also add butter, cinnamon, and oats.

3. Banana Chocolate Cake

Who can ever say no to a slice of delicious cake? Prepare a chocolate cake for the breakfast dessert and give it a hint of banana. Banana acts as a sweetener, and instead of sugar, we will recommend using honey. There, your healthy banana chocolate cake is ready. Though this normally is enjoyed during snacks or after your kids’ playtime, this dish can go well as a breakfast dessert too. Just take care of the portion of a number of bananas, honey, and cocoa powder, and your mini-sized cake will be ready in time.

4. Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie

When its summer, you have got to try some tasty ice creams. Summers are hot, and ice cream cools you down in the right way! They are rich, creamy, and so mouth-watering. Mint chip ice cream pie is going to make you crave for more after one bite. For the dish, you will use mint chocolate-chip ice cream, rice cereal, and chocolate bars. This dish looks great and tastes even better even after the summer heat’s over!

5. Blueberry Fro-Yo

Blueberry YoghurtEver imagined having ice cream for breakfast? Well, this is not just your ordinary ice cream because we are going to give a twist to the heavy cream by replacing it with full-fat yoghurt. Once you try this ice cream, you will hardly taste the difference. But what’s different? It’s healthier, of course! Fro-Yo (stands for frozen yoghurt) is simply the right summer dessert idea to beat the heat! Some fresh blueberries, honey, and natural yoghurt all come together as your healthy breakfast dessert. And when you’re feeling cold to try this dessert, no worries! You can control the temperature (or skip the freezing) so you can still enjoy its freshness even in December!

6. Carrot Orange Breakfast Muffins

Orange is the fruit of summer, and they are filled with a lot of antioxidants. The carrot-orange breakfast muffins will be orangey and tangy. Avoid adding sugar and replace it with honey instead. The best part about this dessert is that it has the goodness of carrots as well. Carrots, as we know, are rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins – giving you more reasons to enjoy it for any season!

7. Cereal Ice Cream Pops

Cereal ice creams are usually made with rich creams; however, there is a healthier way to prepare it. We are going to make ice pops to the next level. Choose a cereal which is free from added sugar for the healthier version of cereal pops and is loaded with whole grains. This dessert tastes so good that you and your kids would be looking forward to your next breakfast dessert. Add some strawberries for the added colour. During winter, this is best enjoyed after a hot meal to give those palates a time to relax.

8. Cherry Vanilla Protein Muffins

When you want to have something amazing for breakfast, minus the fat and sweet, try the cherry vanilla muffin and have some protein. These muffins are delicious, sweet, and chewy, making you forget about the whole grains, flax, and oats. The best part? The gooey peanut butter core that explodes in your mouth! Try it out in your next breakfast meal with your family.

9. Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookie? Well, some may not be fans of cookies but kids go crazy the moment they hear their moms they’re making them for breakfast. This chocolate chip though are a little different than your usual cookies. We will give it a healthier twist. Aside from your normal ingredients, you will add beans and peanut butter. Also skip the sugar and replace it with stevia to give that extra healthy factor for you and your little ones.

Chocolate Mousse
10. Chocolate Mousse

Want to know why we have added chocolate mousse in the quick refreshing desserts for breakfast? Well, it’s because you can add avocados or any fruits you want! It’s healthy, creamy, rich, and super tasty. One bite and you will feel like floating in the chocolate paradise. This dessert recipe has no added sugar, and the goji berries on top make the chocolate mousse the perfect dessert for a Sunday breakfast.

11. Ice cream tacos

Tacos with ice cream? Do they really go together? We know that you are asking yourself the same question the moment you heard about ice cream tacos. Two dishes, which you never imagined will taste good together and be healthy, are mashed together to transform it into one nutritional dessert. Sounds good? Well, it tastes even better. This recipe uses low-calorie ice cream and flax tortilla. The sugar content of ice cream tacos is very low as well, making it a very good addition to your breakfast meal.

12. Mango Lime Tartlet

How can we even miss the summer fruit king “mangos”? The mango lime tartlet has the goodness of limes and mangoes, and every bite of this dessert will make you smile because they are super delicious and refreshing. If you are getting ready for a breakfast party and you don’t mind having mango margarita in the dessert form, then this has to be it. And hey, you can also have it vegan and gluten-free (just choose your ingredients carefully!). And who said it’s only good for summer? With the advanced technologies, mangos are now also produced during winter so you can enjoy them in the colder months!

13. Mango Lime Tres Leches Cake

Another amazing mango dessert dish is here to uplift your mood and fulfil your cravings for the king of summer fruit. Try Mango Tres Leches Cake. It uses coconut milk, soy milk, and coconut cream. The vanilla cake in the bottom mixed with these ingredients and the mangoes on top makes this dessert a must-have for the summer and winter season! Celebrate your get together right, with the right kind of desserts.

Ending your Breakfast the Right Way

The UAE is home to a number of good restaurants offering delectable cuisines, from breakfast to dinners, summers to winters. And a perfect meal can only be perfect if you end it the right way. So, if you want to start the day right, make sure you have your perfect breakfast-ender, and this list can be your gateway to your creative breakfast imaginations. But hey, if you don’t feel like making breakfast on your own and want to enjoy a friendly get-together with the girl gang in Dubai, then order for some food and amazing breakfast-enders from The Breakfast Shop. We will deliver delicious breakfast plates right at your doorstep.

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