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It is the job of many within the food industry to be able to predict what the trends will be for next year so that they can better cater to those changes. As breakfast in Dubai has seen a rapid rise in popularity, it will be subject to more changes than most daily meals over the coming year. Although there is no ‘exact science’ to predicting trends in any industry, there are, however, those which are tried and tested means of knowing what will become more popular requirements and what we will be seeing less of.

From looking at information gathered from a wide number of sources, we have been able to put together a list of the top 20 Breakfast Trends to look out for in 2019. But, will that mean the rise of the midnight breakfast in Dubai or will we see more people ordering the full English breakfast, or something from the healthy breakfast menu? You will have to check the list to find out.
20 Breakfast Trends

20 Breakfast Trends to look out for in Dubai in 2019

1. The Healthier Breakfast

Up first on our list of the 20 different trends that we will be seeing more of in Dubai over the course of 2019 is a far healthier breakfast selection than in previous years. The focus on eating a healthier diet has over the past few years grown in a way that it now affects all aspects of how we eat. The trend of a healthier breakfast first began to make waves in the year 2017 and since then, it has become a force to be reckoned with as it is almost single-handedly changing the way that most of us view breakfast.

The Reformer BreakfastThe fact that this is not a new trend for 2019 does not, in any way, take away from the impact that it will have as there is now more knowledge available about different ways to eat healthy. All of these factors will be taken into account to allow this trend to only grow in popularity over the coming year.

Healthy breakfasts will make their way onto any good breakfast menus in 2019. Examples of healthy breakfasts include our very own ‘The                                           The Reformer                                        Reformer’ which is made with egg white, feta                                                                                                      cheese, sumac, wild rocca, tomato and avocado                                                                                               in sunflower brown bread.

2. Plant-Based Breakfasts

Reggie Vegan SandwichAnother way of looking for a healthier choice of breakfast would be to choose one that better agrees with your ethics and of course, your body. One such ‘best breakfast’ practice will see the rise of the plant-based breakfast which takes its healthy attributes just from the simple fact that all of the ingredients are plants. These factors also bring it in line with those customers that have a vegetarian or vegan diet as well.

The menu that boasts the best breakfast in Dubai in 2019 will almost certainly have a plant-based option. A plant-based breakfast can be as simple as having a plate with avocadoes, tomatoes and mushrooms, with the addition of hummus to taste and pesto on sunflower brown bread for that much needed good carbs.

3. Pro-biotic Breakfast

Greek YoghurtsThe rise of interest in healthier breakfast options has also uncovered a wealth of information about how to eat a more ‘gut-healthy’ diet, particularly when it comes to breakfast. One such ‘gut-healthy’ type of breakfast is the use of pro-biotics (live bacteria and yeasts) which are good for your digestive system. As more people become aware of the benefits that a pro-biotic breakfast can have for their health, the trend will become more apparent, meaning that 2019 will definitely be a ‘gut-healthy’ year for breakfasts.

An example of a delicious pro-biotic addition to any breakfast is a simple mixture of Greek Yoghurt which is a great natural pro-biotic, maple syrup and pineapple.

4. Clean Eating

Pink Beetroot Hummus AvocadoClean eating is a new and fresh way to view your consumption of food. The general idea behind the clean eating diet and indeed the trend is that the avoidance of refined and processed food leads to a much healthier diet. Those who enjoy clean eating will be looking for food that is prepared and served as close to its whole natural form as possible. 2019 will see the rise of menu options that will better cater to those wanting a clean eating breakfast option.

One option for the clean eaters of 2019 would be the The Breakfast Shop’s ‘Pink                         Pink Beetroot Hummus and Avocado Sandwich    
Beetroot Hummus and Avocado Sandwich’
which is made using sliced avocado, homemade pink beetroot hummus and mixed seeds on sour dough bread.

5. Mini Shots

Powert Shot from The Breakfast ShopMini Shots are one of the surprise spin-off breakfast items that have become more popular due to this new and health-based focus. The trend of giving your body a dose of essential and nutritious vitamins and minerals which are all packed into one shot is going to be big in 2019. Mini Shots are a great addition to any number of other healthy breakfast choices.

One of the best mini shots in Dubai is our own ‘Power Shot’ which is made using                                                      Power Shot                                            wheat grass, coconut water, spirulina and                                                                                                           lime. It is guaranteed to wake the body up                                                                                                           and ready you for the day.

6. Tea Selections

A great selection of teas may have been an added luxury to some menus in 2018 but as this new year comes around, any good breakfast in Dubai will have more than a few teas to choose from. Some menus will choose to have a smaller but better quality selection whereas others may go for a massive variety. Either way, 2019 will see a rise in the popularity of tea as an addition to any breakfast.
Chamomile tea and Jasmine tea in particular are great choices to add to any breakfast.

7. The Healthy Indulgence

PorridgeOne new trend that is becoming much more apparent as this year comes to a close is the healthy indulgence trend which sees dessert become a far healthier item than it once was. The idea of turning dessert into a healthier food has also led to a call for these healthy sweets on the breakfast menu. 2019 will see far more people eating healthy dessert items for breakfast.

A healthy dessert can be as simple as a porridge mixed with cinnamon, banana, dates and maple syrup, cooked in coconut milk.                                                 

8. The Return of the Egg

Steak and Eggs2019 will also see what has been affectionately termed ‘the return of the egg’. This trend has come about due to several sources from different ends of the industry stating that there will be a return in the way that egg is seen as an ingredient. Some types of food will see it used more as presentation or dressing but any way it is used is sure to be a celebration of the healthy fats, proteins and oils that you can get from adding eggs to your diet.

                                      Steak and Egg Breakfast Burger                                          
One of the best egg breakfast in Dubai is                                                                                                          our ‘Steak and egg breakfast burger’            which is made using soft potato bun bread, fried eggs, caramelised onion and cheese.

9. Cheap Breakfasts

Another change that is inevitable for breakfast in Dubai in 2019 is that customers will once again be looking for a more cost-effective type of breakfast. The rising trend of the cheap breakfast will mean that breakfast suppliers will be forced to offer some simpler and cheaper breakfast options for those who want to enjoy a good breakfast in Dubai without spending too much.

One cheap breakfast option can comprise of an omelet cooked with onions and green chili, and served with paratha bread – simple yet delectable!
Check out our All Day Breakfast under AED 29

10. Back to Basics Breakfast

Plain PancakesThe rise of trends like the clean eating diet and the growing popularity of cheap and cost-effective breakfast choices has highlighted some customers need for a more simple approach to breakfast as a meal. There is more demand than ever for basic and simple items that maximise on simple and great flavours and tastes. 2019 will see more and more menus catering to this by supplying their customers with a few simple and basic breakfast items to choose from.

A classic example of these back to basics breakfasts is our ‘plain Jane’ pancakes which                                  The Plain Jane Pancakes
are served alongside your choice of maple
syrup or nutella.

11. Midnight Breakfast

Sausage & Egg BreakfastThis 2019 will see breakfast changing in more than a few ways for sure. One shift includes breakfast being ceased to be solely a meal that is eaten in the mornings. New and different ways of working will mean that people will be eating their breakfast at vastly different times of day. This non-traditional view of breakfast will lead to 2019 being the year of the all-day breakfast in Dubai as well as some people even eating breakfast at night.

As eating at different times may mean you                                       Sausage & Egg Breakfast Burger                                need to tailor your breakfast choice to suit,                                                                                                         why not try the ‘Sausage and egg breakfast burger’ with soft potato bun bread, 2 sausage patties, fried egg, fresh tomato, mayonnaise and a side of spiced potatoes. This is not only a great morning dish to break your fast, but also a great option for that afternoon breakfast delight.

12. Filipino Breakfast

Tapsilog - Filipino DishVarious sources have looked into the types of food that will be more popular in the coming year and have used that information to look at cuisines from around the world that better cater to those specific needs. One such cuisine that seems to tick all the necessary boxes for 2019 is Filipino food. Due to the high number of working Filipinos in the region, it only makes sense to add a specific dish in breakfast menus in Dubai in 2019 to cater to their preferences.

At The Breakfast Shop, for example, we added a breakfast dish ‘All Asian Tapsilog’                                       The All Asian Tapsilog
which combines the flavours and textures of
Garlic fried rice, crispy beef, sunny side up egg and soy sauce – a very common and popular breakfast meal among the Filipinos.

13. Fusion Breakfast

The Breakfast Club BurgerAs people begin to look for inspiration from other cuisines to add to their breakfast experience, the industry in 2019 will change to cater to those needs. It will do this by adding more fusion breakfast dishes on the menu, creating whole new types of breakfast dish in the process.

A great fusion breakfast dish comes in the form of the ‘Breakfast Club breakfast burger’ which takes the American classic that is the burger but makes it using a soft                                Breakfast Club breakfast burger                                        black bun, fried egg, Japanese mayo,                                                                                                                   avocado and cheese.

14. Middle Eastern Food

ShakshoukaIn 2019, Middle Eastern food will be pushed back into the limelight and will be a popular trend. This will also mean that there will be a rise in the amount of Middle Eastern food making its way onto the breakfast menu. And there is no better place to experience the authentic taste of the Middle East than of course in the Middle East.

Why not try a traditional classic like the ‘Shakshouka’ made using baked eggs in a delicious tomato, red pepper and chili salsa.


15. Breakfast Delivery

The times are moving forward and as we move with them into 2019 there will be more focus placed on how we spend and use our time. The way we eat and order our breakfast will have to change to fit and so there will be ever more need for breakfast delivery in Dubai and other cities like it. While some companies will stretch themselves thin trying to allow for this trend, the best breakfast in Dubai delivery suppliers have already learned to specialise in offering this service.

16. Presentation

The Avocado ToastMore so now than ever we are living in a society where the appearance of something is one of the most important attributes – thanks to social media platforms like Instagram. People are now requiring that their food be presented in such a way that it’s “Instagrammable”. Breakfast in Dubai in 2019 will be no different and so will give more importance on beautifully presented dishes.

Even a simple dish as our ‘The Avo’ can be presented beautifully. With Avocado slices placed on open faced sunflower brown                                                                  The Avo                                                bread, drizzled with Truffle oil and sea salt                                                                                                         or red chili flakes, olive oil, you can have a breakfast dish worthy of likes, hearts and shares in your social media profiles.

17. Technology

Technology changes faster than most other things in this world today. There are various ways that this will impact the food industry over the coming year and it will reach as far and as wide as how food is made, prepared and manufactured. One other thing that it will affect is the way in which we order our food. There will in 2019 be more of a need for reliable and easy-to-use ordering services, websites and other connected media.

18. Faster Service

Just as technology moves forward, the world of work and indeed the pace of that work will change over the next year just as it did over the last one. 2019 will see people requiring a better level of service that begins with better technology and easier to use ordering platforms and will follow right through to requiring faster service. As 2019 comes, customers are already becoming used to a high quality of service when it comes to food ordering and delivery, breakfast in Dubai in 2019 will be no different.

19. Customer Focus

As with many other industries over the past few years, the food industry has become far more customer-focused. But there are some areas where this change in 2019 going to be more apparent than others; breakfast is one of these areas. Because breakfast for most is the most important meal of the day, it is equally important how and when we eat it. This means that in 2019, the customers will demand more from food chains than ever before, which will eventually force the F&B businesses to cater to those requirements.

20. Packaging

Another knock on effect of the clean and healthy eating trends as well as the whole sustainable mind-set is the customer need for great packaging. On one side the packaging in 2019 will need to be sustainable and eco-friendly and on the other side it will need to be aesthetically pleasing so that it can further deepen the impact of the presentation that lies within. 2019 will be the year that sees amazingly well presented food delivered swiftly and in beautiful and interesting packaging that is not harmful to the planet.

So that is what breakfast in Dubai will look like in 2019

As we have seen from the list above, much of the focus when it comes to breakfast in Dubai in 2019 will be placed on the customer. Whether this is directly linked to the quality of breakfast or service the customer receives, 2019 looks set to be a year where healthy breakfast delivery in Dubai allows customers to enjoy better food as well as service.

If you would like to make the most of the way that breakfast is changing for the better, why not check our amazing menu and order the best breakfast in Dubai today?

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