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18 Reasons to NOT Skip Breakfast – As If We Really Need One

What is better than a new day full of adventures and the posibility of having delicious meals? This is why it’s important to set the trend with a great breakfast. Not only it’s the most important meal of the day, but it’s also a meal that can give you the possibility to indulge in whatever you want to eat without having the heavy burden of extra weight.
Breakfast can be a ritual, as well as a statement of autonomy. Breakfast is the meal that gives you the power to plan the day your way!

If you’re still in doubt whether you’ll have your breakfast or not, take a look at our list of reasons why you should never skip breakfast!

1. It’s a reason to get up in the morning

Have you ever had those days when your alarm clock rings and you feel like you would still like to hug your pillow for the next 7 hours? Well, we have just the right cure for you – breakfast! Whenever you have struggled getting out of bed, think about the aromatic smell of coffee or a big glass of milk and the sweet, chocolate cereals together with some peanut butter toast. It feels like you’ve just found the right motivation to get up, isn’t it?

2. Eat as many carbs as you want

While dinner is more of a lighter meal, breakfast is, on the contrary, can be a big, rich one. Having a big breakfast will never make you feel as bad as eating a heavy dinner. First of all, because you know you will use all those carbs and the energy throughout the day and it won’t show on your hips and belly in the next few days. So you can go nuts, have a full English breakfast or a sweet one featuring pie, halva and Turkish delight. So, if you know you’ll have an active day at work or even at home, don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause those carbs will be well-spent.

3. It’s a noble tradition

Since we’ve mentioned the English breakfast, it’s maybe the right time to remind you that having a big and all-inclusive breakfast is an old tradition. And it’s not only in England, though they are the ones who marketed it in the first place. Knowing how to start the day by having a rich breakfast was always a sign of aristocracy and opulence. It doesn’t mean now that you are supposed to do the same and force yourself to have eggs and ham each morning, but it does mean it’s an important meal to have every day.

Croissant with Falling Powdered Sugar for Breakfast
4. It’s bohemian

Imagine eating a chocolate croissant or pain au chocolate while sipping from a porcelain cup of flavoured coffee. It makes you feel like you’re in a French romantic movie, doesn’t it? So why not start your day with a little bit of fantasy and allow yourself to experience a new beginning in all various ways? You can try sampling some breakfasts from all around the world and have a unique breakfast that will surely spice up your day every day.

5. It gives you the chance to own the day

Whenever you wake up half an hour early to enjoy your breakfast routine, you are actually starting the day in your way. We all sometimes get the feeling that our jobs may reduce us to a simple nameless and colourless employee doing the tasks passed down by the manager. But starting the day right with a different and unique breakfast each time will give you the power to claim the day as your own before the daily tasks pile up on your desk. It’s a chance to have a moment for yourself.

6. Food is one of the pleasures of life and it’s the best reason to enjoy it three times a day

Of course, some will say “nothing tastes as good as being skinny” but really, have you ever tasted a chocolate doughnut in the morning with some mousy cappuccino? Skinny can wait until dinner when you’ll have to limit yourself to a light salad and some plain water. Until then, you can indulge in the deliciousness of some tasty breakfast to give you the energy you need before hitting the gym. ‘Cause then again, muscles are not gained just by eating greens.

7. It’s a chance to spoil and be spoiled

Ok, maybe it’s not the case every day and sometimes you’re the one making the preparation, but breakfast is a great way to show your significant other that you treasure them. So preparing breakfast can be a nice love gesture. Now, if you’re not used to eating breakfast, it would be rude to let to waste this surprise your lover prepared, just because you are used with having just a coffee in the morning, right? Even if you’re single, you can still practice for the moment someone will do it for you!

8. It fools your brain into believing you can actually have a productive day

We’ve all experienced those mornings when you feel that you would rather prefer a staying home than going to work. Well then, try drinking your coffee with some additional sweets. It will help release some endorphins and give you the necessary energy to trick you into believing you can make it to the office and finish the paperwork you’ve left on the desk from yesterday. Cool, huh?

9. It’s your chance to start the day in the right way

Reggie Vegan Sandwich
Enough now with all the unhealthy suggestions. Breakfast can also be a way of having a fresh start. Every morning is a new chance of trying that diet you’ve been thinking of. Maybe today you can make it. But to get it right, you have to start with the right breakfast, though that might make you miss the chance of fried eggs with bacon and toast with butter. And keep in mind that if you fail, you can always try again tomorrow!

10. Make sure you begin the day with the right mood!

The mood you have in the morning will set up your entire day. And we all know you can’t be in a good mood on an empty stomach – good food can brighten it up for you. So instead of trying to get to work as fast as possible, better take your time and enjoy some breakfast first, and let the good vibes flow through the butter, straight into your veins! And with a mindset like this, you won’t even care if you’re up 30 minutes early just to have a sumptuous breakfast!

11. You can gain weight if you skip breakfast

No, this is not a joke. If you skip a healthy breakfast, chances are your cravings for sugary and fatty foods will grow. And once these get mixed up with some real hunger, because you forgot to take the energy bar on the way to work, by the time you’re ready for lunch you will be willing to gorge down everything you’ll find in your way. This includes a burger and destroys the entire diet you have planned. So better include breakfast in your morning routine and satisfy all your cravings.

12. Breakfast helps with improved cognitive functions

Remember how your mom used to fix your breakfast every morning before sending you to school? Then you have to thank them for all the high scores you got during tests. It’s because eating breakfast every day improves your cognitive functions. And who knows? Maybe, in the end, it will help you get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of. It’s all linked!

13. Keep the hair on your head

Indian Breakfast from The Breakfast ShopNow let’s get serious. Nobody wants to end up with a shiny scalp by the time they’re 40, right? And just in case you were wondering, eating your veggies will not be enough. You must make sure you get all the nutrients and, of course, all the breakfast! As it turns out, hair loss is one of the major side effects of skipping breakfast. Now, if you think women don’t count – they do. You may not get bald, but do you want to get the possibility to end up counting the hairs on your head every morning? Better use that time to prepare some breakfast. Your genes and lifestyle may be the main reasons for your hair loss, but why not try having breakfast from now on and see if it helps?

14. A good breakfast can keep your migraines away

And by this, we don’t mean the headache you get when you wake up after 5 hours of sleep, because you had to finish watching those series. Breakfast can help keep migraines away because it helps in balancing the levels of blood sugar. So when you think the pain might be due to a breakfast missed, you know what to do.

15. Helps your body absorb as many nutrients as possible

If you even got supplements, you remember the doctor always recommend to take them in the morning, because it’s the best time of the day when the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed by our bodies. Therefore, all the foods you eat in the morning will be effectively absorbed, compared to meals taken later. So better give breakfast what belongs to breakfast – a very important role among your daily meals.

16. Eating breakfast helps with having better memory

Similar to having better cognitive functions, having breakfast will also improve your memory. Why? After a whole night of fast, your brain needs nutrients which can be taken from your morning meal. Skipping it means you’re missing the opportunity to “feed your brain”.

17. Last but not least – breakfast it’s your chance to enjoy your favourite food

Whatever you have for breakfast, you have more chances to burn all the calories from that first meal. You can have a delicious English breakfast, a sweet Italian experience or, you can go completely wild. If you want to forget the oatmeal, then, by all means, do. Nothing wakes you up better in the morning than something you are craving for.

Will You Still Skip Breakfast?

There is no better way to face a new day than enjoying a big, hearty meal. If you want to do it in the comfort of your kitchen, you can enjoy the weirdest combinations and no one will even notice. Pizza and pineapple, jam and cheese, who can say you couldn’t have them?

And if you have no skills in cooking, let us do the job for you. You can simply order some breakfast delivery from The Breakfast Shop. You can find everything here – from heavy meals to luscious pancakes, for both meat and veggies lovers. And after you convince yourself how much eating breakfast can improve the quality of your life, you can start preaching about it to your friends, and – why not – send them breakfast surprises. There is nothing better than waking up to an already prepared meal, waiting for you to put on some garments and dive in!

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