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How to Choose the Best Breakfast in Dubai?

Whether if we are travelling or having a regular day at the office, breakfast should be your priority when waking up. Not everyone remembers this though. Until it’s too late and they end up caught in a meeting at work and their stomach starts revolting against the lack of food, making wild and embarrassing noises. Or caught in a museum with no possibility to eat for the next hours. This is why the first thing to do in the morning is having a big and filling breakfast and set the whole day on the right path.
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Maybe you have already tried some of the breakfast options on the list with the best options for breakfast around the world from our previous entry. There are plenty of delicious ways of starting the day, be it with traditional breakfast dishes or some modern improvisation. But if what you’re looking for is not just a fast fix for breakfast but a full, enjoyable and filling meal, we have some new recommendations!

To have the perfect start of the day, you should begin with a morning routine which includes at least 30 minutes for breakfast. Though many may see it as a waste of sleep waking up 30 minutes early just to have breakfast, we can assure you that you will not regret allocating this time to not only a meal but your whole wellbeing. The list of benefits of eating breakfast is quite long and involved not only the physiological functions of the body, but it also helps from a psychological point of view.
The ABC of a full and nutritious breakfast

The healthy hipster breakfast

If you are one of those highly interested in healthy breakfast in Dubai, then we have the perfect recommendations and mixes that will help you put up the ideal breakfast.

PorridgeFirst and foremost, oatmeal – there is no healthy breakfast without it. One way of adding it to the breakfast table is by preparing an apple pie porridge. It’s easy to make and it can be done with basic ingredients – just apple, some milk, cinnamon and, of course, oats.

A bowl of warm porridge is a great addition to breakfast. Additionally, you can boost the mix with some chia seeds, and raisins. But by itself, it can be quite incomplete. It still doesn’t have the caloric and nutritional balance to pump you up for the first part of the day. So the best way to have it is with some additional yoghurt with bananas and berries. The second cold mixture is perfect to balance out with carbs, proteins and antioxidants to add up to the nutritional value of the meal.

Another great addition to a healthy breakfast meal is hummus. This wonder paste is not just tasty but also highly nutritional. It contains high levels of proteins which makes it perfect to end up on the morning plate. It also helps if you are not a fan of sweet breakfast and prefer something different than cereals, muesli or fruits with yoghurt. If what helps you wake up is some salty food then hummus if the best base for the morning meal. And you can make it more interesting if you add some boiled eggs and fresh vegetables.

But no matter what is your breakfast of choice – sweet or salty – the important thing is to not forget the glass of orange juice. The vitamin C boost will wake you up in no moment and will give you the energy you need to get away from the bed and be productive.

Heavy breakfast

Having breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper – this is a rule that is followed by many people, and there’s a reason behind that. Having a big, heavy breakfast is the key to healthy metabolism and a healthy body when combined with a small dinner and an active lifestyle.

A heavy breakfast must include lots of proteins and carbs. One sine qua non-ingredient is the eggs. Scrambled or boiled, they must be part of it. The omelette is one of the most popular dishes. With bacon or sausages, cheese or vegetables, it’s always a good choice. But throwing some eggs in a pan is not going to help you have a full breakfast. This type of breakfast requires some freshness to balance out the heavy ingredients. In this case, you can add some cherry tomatoes next to your omelette, and some olives for a nice flavour. And don’t forget that salty olives in the morning will help you keep hydrated throughout the day.
More egg dishes to choose from in our blog. 

The English BreakfastBut with all these heavy foods, there is something else that you must make sure to include as part of the meal: fibres. All that heavy food needs to be digested smoothly. The English breakfast – the most iconic example of a heavy breakfast – has the beans that fill this task. But nowadays, you can make sure your meal is digested properly by including some raisins, dried figs, nuts and seeds on your plate. Tasty and light, they are great for the already heavy breakfast. But if you want to keep the tradition, you can always have the beans!

Light breakfast

Protein Power Balls from The Breakfast ShopEven though some people prefer light breakfasts, these still should be complete and include a wide range of foods. After all, having some figs and hazelnuts cannot be called breakfast, it’s simply a snack.

Protein and cereal bars. These bars are perfect for those who don’t like to fill their belly as soon as they wake up, yet want to have a nice and filling breakfast. They are healthy, small in volume yet packed with all the nutriments one would need to start a productive day. They can easily be combined with fruit, such as a banana, to keep up the level of carbs. This simple mix is very effective in getting all you need to be pumped and ready to face another day.

Another way of making sure you get all the proteins and nutrients is to add to this kind of light breakfast a glass of milk. This will surely add up to a complete meal that will fill you with the energy you need for the day.

Not for the faint of heart

Yes, there are a lot of light options for breakfast in Dubai. But there is also the other side of the coin – those who cannot get up without a big intake of food. If you are one of those, you will have on your plate lots of ham, cheese and butter. Though nowadays breakfast became international and people can have a great variety when it comes to the first meal of the day (or any meal of the day, for that matter), specific types of breakfast say something about the cultures which have them embedded as tradition.

For the British people, breakfast is a way of showing off status in society, so it needs to be rich. For other cultures, breakfast is the first meal people would eat when waking up and before going to work the fields, therefore, they would need a lot of energy and carbs. Other people from cold climates need fats on their plate early in the morning to fight the low temperatures. Thankfully nowadays, these situations are not usual anymore, and people can very well choose whatever they want to eat in the mornings. But there are still people who enjoy a fatty breakfast in the morning, even though they don’t wake up freezing temperatures. Whether it’s the taste or the nutritive and energetic value, this kind of breakfast seems to help people get super pumped and energetic.

But there is one thing to keep in mind: all the fats need to be balanced out. In this case, some orange and grapefruit juice, together with fresh vegetables would be perfect to wash all the fats down and add up to the energetic value of the breakfast.

The light, the healthy and the vegan

Whether you are vegan or not, you’d certainly like to try a vegan breakfast every now and then. Some people claim raw vegan food on an empty stomach is pure health. The nutrients and vitamins all get absorbed fast and it helps the metabolism set on the right path for the rest of the day. But even though it sounds easy, food is never what it seems.

Vegan Breakfast ChoiceFruits can be tricky and there are some main rules of mixing them. One very easy is by the colour – fruits with similar colours have similar nutriments and it would help the body absorb more of them. For example, the dark red is for antioxidants – figs, red grape, pomegranate – they all share one main benefit for your health. Bananas, avocado and apple make a great energetic mix – this is a combo you surely want on your breakfast plate. Grapefruits and strawberries are great for the immune system, and, last but not least, goji berries and watermelons are good for detoxifying.

A good option would be to have one mix a day – each day a different colour, helping you have a sustainable and healthy lifestyle on the long run while providing your body with all the goodness of the raw fruits. Also, a good idea is to mix the fruit combo with some nuts, to get some extra proteins and carbs which will give you an energy boost as you start a new, fresh day. And last but not least, you can either chose a nice green or black tea to go together with them or a glass of milk replacements such as almond or hazelnuts milk. This should get you up and kicking!

A more traditional approach

ShakshoukaTraditional breakfasts can be a delight if made in the right way. They are usually complex dishes which include all the elements needed to have a great meal – the veggies, the meat, the carbs, and the proteins. Though they may be a bit challenging to prepare, they are, for sure, worth it. Whether if it’s Shakshouka, Frittata or Spanakopita, these complex dishes are a great way of starting the day. And yes, these are now available for breakfast in Dubai. 

But the main thing to keep in mind is that you always need to balance out the heaviness of the meal with either orange juice, milk or a nice glass of warm tea. The liquid part of the breakfast is as important as the food.

The American dream breakfast

American BreakfastIt’s difficult to say which one is the most iconic meal to have as an American breakfast. Some may say it’s the milk and cereals, others may say pop tarts or eggs and bacon. Truth is all over USA breakfast can take different forms.

If you go for a children, soft and sweet breakfast, you can have some milk and cereals, with orange juice and maybe some slices of peanut butter. This combination provides the necessary amount of nutrients and it’s a light meal you can have in the
mornings. But on the other hand, if you want to start the day in full force, some bacon and either fried or boiled eggs are the way to start. With some additional vegetables and toast, this meal is great if you are planning to start an adventurous day that will require your batteries full and ready to roll.

The fancy French twist

Baguette Sandwich

When we say French breakfast we all think about the coffee and croissants. But this is, by far, an incomplete breakfast. Or maybe merely the desert of the full meal. A full French breakfast features the delicious baguette with either butter or chocolate mousse on top. Or even turned into a real sandwich with some slices of ham and Camembert cheese, and fresh vegetables. And only after this main part of the meal the desert comes with some sweets such as pies and croissants and coffee, to help wash away the heavy previous part. Because if there’s one thing French people know how to do, that is enjoying a nice and whole meal.

Choose the Best Breakfast for You

No matter which type of breakfast you prefer, the main rule is to remember what and how to mix, and, nevertheless, to always wash down the heavy foods with a soothing drink. Otherwise, you will just feel heavy and lazy because of the big meal you just ate, and not very energetic to start the new day. More like wanting to crawl back to bed.

At The Breakfast Shop, we have a lot of options that can help you put up a unique and exquisite breakfast that will pump you and your loved ones with energy for the entire day. Whether if you want to enjoy it at work, or you want to prepare a home breakfast for the whole family, we have you covered. Check out our menu and pick your favourite. Out wide variety offers the most modern ingredients, as well as traditional dishes that have been cooked for years in various cultures. More than just a breakfast, the meals you get at The Breakfast Shop will immerse you in different cultures, giving you amazing experiences that will inspire your day and fill your body with great energy and good vibes. Because a good day starts with a good morning, and no morning can start well without a great and delicious breakfast!

Pick your favourite and order for your next day the best breakfast experience from The Breakfast Shop. Let the professionals make sure you get a great experience from the first bite! The Breakfast shop – uniquely start your day!

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