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Healthy Breakfast Menu: Top 40 Easy Breakfasts for a Busy Day

The Healthy Breakfast Trend 

We have seen a revolution in the way food is seen around the world. In cities like Dubai where the economy is growing steadily and the way people work is forever changing, the type of food as well as where and how we eat is also changing in order to adapt. One of the largest changes in the food industry lately has been the rise of the healthy breakfast menu.

The trend of healthy breakfast dishes has taken the food world in Dubai by storm and has served as an answer to a much asked question – “How can I eat a healthy breakfast while not taking the time out of my busy schedule to make it? “

How Difficult is it to Prepare Healthy Breakfast in Dubai?

The task of preparing breakfast is one that takes a certain amount of time out of our day. When we choose to make that breakfast quickly, it tends to be made up of easy options. So, is there such a thing as a healthy breakfast on the go? Well it can be difficult to achieve both fast and healthy breakfasts, especially in a fast paced city like Dubai.

With Dubai being the hub of all the business activities that occurs in the region, it is ever more important for the workforce to have a filling breakfast before they begin their day. Time constraints as well as the food options available though can create a problem and stand between you and your healthy breakfast menu. There is thankfully a way around this; choose one of the easy healthy breakfast recipes from below.

40 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Dishes

Here are the top 40 breakfast dishes that are both easy to make and offer great health benefits as well. If you are at a loss for ideas when it comes to what you will be making for your healthy breakfast menu, here are all the options you could ever need.
Avocado on toast

1. Avocado on Toast

We begin our list with one of the easiest ways that you can introduce a healthier breakfast into your daily routine. The simple and classic addition of the ultra healthy Avocado to toast means that your breakfast will consist of healthy fats and proteins. Why not try it with beetroot hummus for more touch of protein?

2. Poached Eggs with Tomatoes

Poached eggs are a classy yet healthy way to begin any day. When you couple the benefits of protein and good fats from the eggs with the wholesome goodness of tomato and herbs, your breakfast will be both healthier and tastier. If you are looking for a healthy breakfast with eggs then look no further.

3. Wholegrain Blueberry Muffins

A blueberry muffin may not seem like the healthiest way to start the day but when you make it a wholegrain muffin, all that changes. The wholegrain in the muffin offers you much needed fibre while the fresh berries give you energy and valuable nutrients. In as quick as 30 minutes, you can have your own delectable Wholegrain Blueberry Muffins which will break your fast in days!
Breakfast Fruit and Cheese Platter

4. Fruits with Cheese

Not only is this a healthy breakfast menu standard but it serves as a great option for those eating a ‘clean’ diet as well. With large chunks of your favourite cheeses alongside your most loved fruit you cannot go wrong with these duo. There is absolutely no cooking needed for this great healthy breakfast which makes it perfect for a fast and healthy breakfast in Dubai.

5. Waffle with Peanut Butter

Waffles have been on the breakfast menu of restaurants but they are seldom seen as the healthy option. This is usually due to the unhealthy ingredients that they are eaten alongside. Why not change that with this great recipe that puts the healthy fats and nutrients offered by peanut butter on one of your breakfast favourites; the waffle. This is a great and filling dish that now ticks the box of healthy as well.

6. Soft Cheese Toasties

Serving as a type of pizza for the morning times, this very tasty option combines toasted bread with a soft cheese like mozzarella as well as tomato and pesto. All together in a toasty, these ingredients are a filling way to begin a day of work. It is also proving to be the most popular healthy breakfast for men.

7. Energy Bars

Another great time saving option for a healthy and fulfilling breakfast choice would be the Energy Bars. These bars which are packed full of goodness are made using seeds and nuts as well as other ingredients like chocolate and peanut butter for that added flavour. They can also be made on the weekend ready for the week ahead.
Fruit Parfaits

8. Fruit Parfaits

A fruit parfait is a classic dish that uses yoghurt and fruits as well as nuts and seeds to create something healthy and very special. A good fruit parfait will have varying layers of fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola as well as any other healthy ingredients that you can think to add.

9. Breakfast Bowl

Taking its inspiration from dishes that are usually served later in the day, the breakfast bowl is one of the more filling dishes on our list. In a bowl, simply combine your favourite healthy breakfast ingredients like boiled egg, rice, tomatoes, avocado and lettuce. There is no limit to the ingredients you can add to your own recipe. Simply tailor it to your own taste and appetite. Just make sure to watch out for those extra calories!

10. Scrambled Tofu

Here we have a great option for the vegetarian and vegan diners out there. The scrambled tofu breakfast benefits from the nutritious and protein packed soy used to make the tofu. When you add a great mix of vegetables and serve it on sourdough bread, you have yourself a tasty and healthy breakfast.

11. Frittata Fun

Why not have some fun by making a frittata which is a Mexican omelet made up of eggs and various sliced vegetables. Use mushrooms and bell pepper as well as a little cheese to make yourself a healthy and protein packed frittata. What a great way to enjoy an egg breakfast in Dubai!

12. Indian Style Breakfast

Why not have your healthy breakfast Indian style by mixing an egg omelet with chilies and onions and serving it alongside Indian flatbread. With a healthy dose of protein from the eggs and the full taste from the onion and chili, you will be surprised how great this healthy breakfast tastes.
Breakfast Burrito

13. Breakfast Burrito

Served traditionally as a breakfast in Mexico and many other countries, the breakfast burrito is a great way to combine all your healthy breakfast needs into one easy to make dish. Simply combine eggs, beans, cheese and avocado and then wrap it for a healthy breakfast menu item that is great for on-the-go.

14. Scrambled Egg Taco

Another Mexican style healthy breakfast sees a tasty mix of vegetables, on ions and scrambled egg placed in a taco. Serving as both a healthy start to the day and a filling snack, the scrambled egg taco can be tailored to suit your dietary needs and is great for vegetarian diners.
The Breakfast Shop Porridge

15. Simple Porridge

Porridge is not only a favourite from our childhood but it is a great way to get all the nutrients that you need to get through till lunch. Why not experiment with your porridge recipe? Plain porridge can be a bit boring so why not add fruits like banana and some nuts. You could also make it a bit more luxurious by cooking it in coconut milk instead of normal milk.

16. Baked Breakfast Pockets

These great healthy breakfast pockets are made using a simple mix of cheese and a few vegetables which is wrapped in a thin dough and then baked. By baking them instead of frying, they are made an even healthier choice. Select your toppings then season before baking for the best result.

17. Crispy Egg Toast

Fried egg on toast may not seem like a fresh idea. It may also seem a less healthy option, however, there are a number of recipes that use its unique taste and texture as well as cooking it in a healthier way. Use nut oil to fry a seasoned egg until crispy at the edge and then serve on healthy seed bread with a light drizzle of olive oil on top for a great tasting and healthy breakfast option.

18. Green Eggs and Ham

Create your own twist on a classic breakfast by adding some pesto to your eggs to create green eggs. Serve your green eggs with ham and some lettuce on top of a thick slice of wholegrain toast. This also works well as a healthy sandwich filling.

19. Full English Breakfast

A full English Breakfast is the traditional breakfast for most English people but it has become much loved across the globe. Considered the best breakfast by many, it combines bacon, sausages, egg, vegetables and toast to create a filling and if cooked correctly, healthy breakfast. Use vegetarian sausages and bacon for a healthier yet veggie option for your English breakfast in Dubai.
Plain Pancakes

20. Plain Pancakes

Pancakes are another breakfast item that is not generally thought of as a healthy one, but the truth is that, they can offer a great energy boost to begin your day. Why not try your pancakes plain or with a small amount of either Nutella or syrup to sweeten the deal and fruits on the side.

21. Chia Pudding

Another healthy dessert for breakfast comes in the form of the Chia Pudding. Known as a super-food, Chia has made a name for itself by having a long list of health benefits. Offering a huge number of nutrients for very few calories, the mighty chia seeds are also full of fibre and are great antioxidants. This makes chia pudding one of the healthiest breakfasts on our list. Try yours with fresh fruit and syrup.

22. Classic BLT

The bacon, lettuce and cheese sandwich is making a comeback as one of the best filling yet healthy choices for a breakfast sandwich. Choose from various healthier breads and add more salad leaves to make it healthier. For vegan diners, why not substitute the bacon and cheese for vegan alternatives.

23. Quinoa Muffins

Another healthy breakfast muffin comes in the form of the quinoa muffin. Made using quinoa flour, these muffins are loaded with fibre and protein making them a great addition to any healthy breakfast menu. Try your Quinoa muffins with cheese or some sliced avocados.

24. Smoothie Bowl

Taking all the goodness of the beloved and ultra health conscious smoothie and creating a more filling dish with it was a definite eureka moment. Take your favourite smoothie recipe and pour it over chunks of fresh fruit and handfuls of nuts and seeds in a bowl.

25. Bread dipped in oil

There are a number of benefits attached to this type of really simple breakfast dish. Simply choose your bread (sourdough or sunflower is great) and add a dip and some fragrant herbs like mint. Various types of oil can make this meal a healthy light breakfast option.
Breakfast Quiche

26. Quiche for Breakfast

The classic Quiche is a much loved lunch and dinner item but it actually ticks all the boxes for a well-balanced and healthy breakfast. The pastry and the eggs offer a large amount of protein and the vegetables only add to the list of nutrients you can get from this delectable dish.

27. Healthy Banana Bread

Often seen more as a cake than a savoury dish, banana bread can be made using only the healthiest of ingredients and then served alongside others to make a great breakfast. This is perfect for those wanting a healthy yet cheap breakfast in Dubai.

28. Granola Squares

Serving granola with milk in a bowl has become something of an outdated idea. One of the best ways that Granola has been re-imagined for the healthy breakfast menu is in Granola squares. Made using honey, granola, raisins and nuts, these squares are packed full of energy giving goodness. These can be stored for days so no need to worry about your breakfast in the coming busy week!

29. Breakfast Biscuits

The humble biscuit is another way of introducing much needed proteins and energy on the go. Biscuits made using wholegrain flours and containing nuts and seeds are able to offer more of the valuable nutrients you need from your breakfast snack. You can also add some pure chocolate for a little touch of healthy decadence.
Egg Muffins

30. Egg Muffins

Not your average muffin, the egg muffin is a muffin that is made out of egg. Egg is well-known for offering protein to many breakfast dishes and now you can add the vegetables and herbs of your choice to this brilliant egg breakfast.

31. Protein Bites

Getting a large amount of protein all in one powerful bite seems to be one of the ways that the food industry has adapted to cater to the needs of today’s diners. Appearing in various forms, these balls of seeds, nuts and honey are full of nutrients and protein, and are the quickest way to load up on what you need, whenever, wherever.

32. Egg Wraps

Another great egg breakfast is the egg wrap. Many wrap breakfasts have egg as an ingredient but then those are wrapped in bread. Why not replace it with a very thin egg omelet instead for another healthier breakfast dish?

33. Tapsilog

Many may seem to overlook this dish when we talk about healthy breakfast options. However, its richness in protein make it a filling breakfast item especially with the garlic fried rice and egg on the side. You can make your own healthier version of the dish by using less oil and other healthier rice varieties.
Greek Yoghurt with Berries

34. Greek Yoghurt

Due to the valuable pro-biotics which are a necessary part of a gut-healthy diet, as well as the ability to add a whole host of other healthy items like fruits, grains and cereals, Greek Yoghurt is one of the healthiest ways to go for breakfast.

35. Breakfast wraps

Meet the breakfast wrap with your favourite breakfast ingredients inside. Add protein-rich eggs and some green salad or some avocados to your breakfast wrap recipe to make it as light or as filling as you would like it to be.

36. Sausage and egg

The filling nature of sausage and the protein loaded egg together in a breakfast dish is perfect for those seeking a good breakfast in Dubai. Both of these are part of your average all-day breakfast in Dubai so why not try them together in a burger with tomato and make your breakfast a filling yet healthier one.

37. Baked Eggs

Eggs really are the way to go for a filling yet light breakfast. To make it a healthier one still, why not bake your eggs to avoid the risks associated with frying. Serve alongside some toasted bread and raw vegetables.

38. Shakshouka

A great baked egg recipe is the traditional and very Middle Eastern Shakshouka which is made by serving baked eggs in a tomato and pepper salsa with chillies. This is an authentic and healthy choice for any breakfast menu.

39. Apple Cinnamon Crumble

Why not make yourself a simple yet delicious fruit crumble for breakfast. While it may again seem more like a dessert than a breakfast dish, the fruit crumble can be made so that it has less sugar and more fruits. This way, it becomes a dish full of vitamins and nutrients as well as much needed energy for the day.
Vegetable Juice

40. Simple Juices

There are few things that can add nutrition to a breakfast like the addition of a simple juice. Fresh juice takes all the goodness that the fruit has and offers it up in a glass. Juices and smoothies are also a great way to combine vegetables and fruits in one drink. Why not try adding spinach and kale to your apple smoothie?

Start with a Healthy Breakfast

There you have it, a list of the top 40 easy and healthy breakfasts to start your day with. Remember to start every day in the healthiest way possible by eating a balanced and nutritious breakfast. Start your year off the right way by preparing a great healthy breakfast for yourself each morning.

If you still do not have the time, then why not order your healthy breakfasts from the food chain that offers the best breakfast delivery in Dubai? Check out the healthy breakfast menu at The Breakfast Shop and order your healthy all-day breakfast today.

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