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A Quick Guide to Your Favourite Breakfast Dish - Full English Breakfast

The way British people have their breakfast is unique and exquisite. It features all the main sources of proteins, carbs, vitamins and nutrients and, nevertheless, tastiness. There is a reason why it has become so widespread and beloved all over the world. This fine blend of various ingredients is perfect for the morning meal and it takes you in a full adventure.
The All English Breakfast
“To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day.”
                                         - Somerset Maugham
Having its origin in the early 1300s, the English breakfast is an old British tradition that has been passed on for generations in England. Now, English breakfast is loved by those even outside the kingdom. And Dubai is not exempted.

So, what’s with the Full English breakfast that makes it so loved by many? It’s all about the Ingredients.

What's in a full English breakfast?

The meat – and first, it was the sausage

Meat is an essential part of the English breakfast. Great Britain is known as a sausage eating country. The sausage is one of the traditional products and one of the most famous sausages across the UK is the Cumberland sausage, which has been prepared in the County of Cumberland for more than 500 years. The distinct taste of this particular type of product is given by its texture, which is obtained by chopping, rather than mincing the meat. The result is a very intense flavoured sausage with a pleasant meaty texture. Other good options would be the sausage from Lincolnshire and the Oxford sausage.

The beans – there are never too many proteins

Baked beans are a key ingredient if you want to keep some balance between taste and health. This delicious part of the English breakfast is essential not only because it completes the taste, but also because beans are full of proteins, which are a perfect part of a breakfast.

The tomatoes – the “fresh” part of the breakfast

Tomato is also important when it comes to keeping a balanced plate. Their role is to balance all the fats in your meal with their freshness. Therefore, no matter how you prepare them, just make sure to add some slices of tomatoes on your plate.

Fried bread – for the mornings when the French toast is not enough

Carbs are the fuel of our bodies, they keep it running, and even though too many might not be beneficial, not eating carbs at all is not a very good idea either. Balance is the key. This dish features fried bread, which is the British buttery version of the French toast. And it’s delicious!

No breakfast without eggs

What’s breakfast without some eggs? Normally, English breakfast includes two fried eggs. But if you are used to having a big and full plate in the morning, you can always have more. One important aspect is to not overcook them. The yolk needs to be runny and saucy in order to help with the overall texture
of the dish.

The black pudding

Eggs-Black pudding- English breakfast Though it may be optional for most of the English people, the “black pudding” is one of the main components of the Full English breakfast. With its unique flavour and texture that offers you a whole new breakfast experience, it’s no doubt
why it’s part of the whole plate.    

Each of the above make up for that full English Breakfast and they are more than enough to satisfy one’s hunger. Still, if you want to make it even more complex, you can play with some additional ingredients that will complement the flavours you already have on the plate. Here are some of the best add-ons for this morning plate.

Optional Add-Ons to Your Full English Breakfast


This easy to fry addition to the plate will complete the meaty part of the English breakfast by giving it a delicious new flavour. You can choose your own type of protein but make sure that it fits perfectly on your plate.


Full English Breakfast - Mushroom as optional add on If you are craving for more veggies in the morning, then adding some extra mushrooms might just do the trick. Either fried up or roasted in the oven with butter, they can easily become part of this delicious dish.


This cold smoked herring will give a unique twist to your regular English breakfast and aroma to your already perfect breakfast. You can either chose to have them fried or prepared in a more complex way, but anyway, they will be a great addition on your plate.


Some people may say that no meal is complete without potatoes. And the truth is they are, for sure, a great source of your daily carbo. Feel free to add potatoes however you may want them - mashed, fried or baked, any kind of potatoes can easily be incorporated as part of the English breakfast.
Even though the English breakfast has been passed down through generations with specific components, it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. If you feel like replacing the sausage or bacon with a different type of meat, you may very well do it. You are the boss of your own kitchen, and therefore, the boss of your own plate. So get wild and try everything you can think of. After all, even across England, there are different variations of the dish, depending on other regional customs and traditions. If you are curious, here are some of the most common variations of this morning dish, coming from all across the UK.

Other Variations in UK of the Traditional Full English Breakfast

  • Full English Breakfast doesn’t always have to include the eggs. It sometimes can be made up of the black pudding, baked beans, potatoes, cabbage and, nevertheless, the fried bread.
  • The Irish variation of the famous English breakfast features a particular type of bread – the soda bread. Easy to make and amazingly tasty, this loaf is made of whole wheat flour and it’s a great addition on the morning plate.
  • The full Cornish features a particular type of sausage – the Hog’s pudding – which is produced in Cornwall and Devon. The second characteristic ingredient is the Cornish potato cakes made of potatoes, butter, milk and flour.
  • Welsh breakfast also features a different type of bread than the regular dish. It is made of a seaweed paste coated with oatmeal that ends up in the frying pan and it’s served as a delicious side dish.
  • Scottish breakfast usually includes, together with the regular ingredients, some tattie scones made of potatoes, butter, eggs and flour together with haggis and oatcakes.
  • Last but not least the Ulster version. It’s similar to Full Irish Breakfast but it features soda bread farl which allows you to put your ingredients in and enjoy them in one big bite!
As you can see, variations of the English breakfast are all over the United Kingdom, so there is no reason to stick to the regular dish. If you want to take out some ingredients, add newer ones or even turn it into meat or gluten-free breakfast, you can always use your imagination and come up with your own version. After all, it can become boring to eat the same thing every day. So why not give it a whirl? And if you’re looking for new and ingenious ideas for your own English breakfast plate, here are some to inspire you.

Full English Breakfast, Making it Brand New

  • Add a slice of Lorne sausage. This Scottish traditional meat can easily replace the black pudding every now and then. And if you mix it with the tattie scones, it will turn into an authentic and exquisite Scottish experience.
  • Eggs en cocotte is a unique way of preparing the morning eggs. Simple to make, this can easily turn into a success on your plate. And the best part is that you can play a lot with the flavours and even add extra ingredients such as mushrooms, scallion or even smoked salmon. It’s up to you and your taste buds.
  • Try the Stornoway black pudding if you want a different, unique experience. This particular type of sausage goes way back and is part of a living tradition, as you can notice from the Gaelic name, it comes all the way from the Western Isles of Scotland and the particular characteristics of this sausage are given by the making process which includes beef suet, oatmeal and onions.
  • Egg-en-cocotte-english-breakfastRoasted tomatoes can really give a fresh twist to your morning dish. With all the grease and butter that the English breakfast includes, the tomatoes should not be ignored.  And since you’re adding them anyway, you can make this addition count. Try slicing the tomatoes and roasting them with some additional flavourings and you will end with a perfect side dish that will make your English breakfast unforgettable.
  • Another interesting option is to coddle the eggs instead of frying them. This way you can make sure that all of your ingredients will be dipped in the delicious saucy paste and brought together to give you one of the greatest breakfast experiences. Nevertheless, this way you can also skip some of the oil used during the preparation.
  • If you like to enjoy some flavoured coffee in the morning, instead of the English beloved tea, maybe you should also try to swap the fried bread for an English muffin. It’s a great replacement if you want something sweeter to cut down the bitterness of the coffee.
  • Would you like some extra veggies on the plate? Don’t think twice and add some grilled greens to it. Just imagine some fried onion rings in the morning. Also, fresh vegetables make no exception. If you think about it, some fresh arugula sounds perfect to fit the whole picture and bring some extra fresh flavour.
  • And if you’re vegan, you don’t have to take the English breakfast experience off the list. Though the original recipe features a lot of meaty and animal products, you can easily replace them with some veggie goodies. The meat and eggs can be replaced by roasted vegetables and you can even try to add a vegan omelette. With the vegan trends rising, you now have options to veganise the English breakfast".
  • Also, there can be a gluten-free version for those who would like to try a healthier meal. You can always switch the frying with the baking and skip also the extra oil and grease. This way you can create a completely new version of the English breakfast which will even work during the diet days.
  • And last but not least, the English breakfast on a pizza is definitely an epic twist of two old culinary traditions. All these delicious ingredients brought together on a crusty pizza dough must be a great way to start the day. And will, for sure, fill you up with energy and good vibes.
The English breakfast gives a lot of possibilities for you to start the day. You can go for a regular, traditional one, or a different regional version, or you can just keep the mainframe and come up with various ingredient replacements that will better suit your taste or lifestyle. After all, cooking the English breakfast is a form of art and it can only be honoured by innovation. The numerous possibilities of adapting the recipe are what give this dish versatility.

Where can I get a full English breakfast in Dubai?

The English breakfast is now famous around the globe and many people from various countries are now able to enjoy it as a morning meal. And yes, you can definitely enjoy an English breakfast in Dubai. You can order from The Breakfast Shop. We aim to bring on your plate the multitude of cultures and tastes of all the continents so prepared a unique variation of this classic meal. The components here are the irreplaceable eggs – two of them, so you can make sure you will be fully fed for the morning; a sausage and veal bacon, to follow the great, meaty tradition of the Brits, and some baked beans to complete the dose of proteins needed to get you up and running.

Another important and delicious part of the dish is the grilled vegetables that include tomatoes and mushrooms. But worry not, these are tasty and together with the rest of the ingredients will, for sure, enchant your taste buds. Nevetherless, the toasted bread is also present, to complete the plate with the right amount of carbs.

The-Breakfast-Shop-Full-English-BreakfastAnd the great thing about the English breakfast available at The Breakfast Shop is that it is delivered straight at your doorsteps. We all know that preparing breakfast can be a struggle, especially in some particular mornings. And a full English breakfast is definitely a tough task when you’re running late. And it comes with all those plates that need to be cleaned after. Definitely a hand full. So why not relax and leave it to us who can ensure you’ll get the best english breakfast in the shortest time with no need to worry about the burned ingredients or the time spent in the kitchen. Not to mention the after cleaning commitment.

Just order an English breakfast and enjoy the best breakfast delivery in Dubai. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it definitely is tasty. Don’t miss your chance to turn your first meal into the best experience of the day.

PS. Our Full English breakfast is available throughout the day so you won’t have an excuse of not having a great breakfast meal.

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