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6 Reasons to Order from The Breakfast Shop

Breakfast has for a long time been considered to be the most important meal of the day. This is mainly due to the fact that it is the meal that you begin your day with and it is this meal that will take you right through until lunch-time. There is now, however, less time to prepare this all-important meal as our working days get longer and busier. Fortunately, The Breakfast Shop now offers breakfast delivery in Dubai which means you can still enjoy yourself your favourite Arabic or full English breakfast to begin the day right. But, why order from us?

1. It Is All About the Taste

Of all the various things that you should take into account when you are deciding where to order your breakfast in Dubai, taste is amongst the most important. A great tasting breakfast really does have the ability to totally change your day. Well, if it is a great tasting and authentic breakfast delivery in Dubai that you are looking for, then look no further than The Breakfast Shop. Whether you are looking for an all-day breakfast or just checking for new breakfast options, whatever your breakfast food craving is, The Breakfast Shop has precisely what you need and want.

At The Breakfast Shop, we pride ourselves on paying close attention to the small details that make for not only big but amazing taste. One customer who agreed with this and recently gave us a 5-star review said that even the side dishes like pickles were according to their liking. This serves as a perfect example of the attention that The Breakfast Shop gives to ensure that our customers will enjoy their breakfast to the fullest.

Another highly rated review stated that the burger and pancakes were good while others commended us for having the best cheese toasties, giving us 5-star ratings. These reviews keep on coming as we strive to maintain the level of taste that keeps our customers happy and satisfied.

One of the fan favourites in our menu is the English breakfast which shows our passion in making not just good breakfast in Dubai but possibly one of the best breakfasts around. We, at the Breakfast Shop, have learned that when you give your customers the taste that they want in a meal, it brightens up their mood, making them more productive throughout the day. And, it is all in all a far more rewarding experience.

So how is the taste at The Breakfast Shop?

Some of the other positive reviews we have had regarding the taste of our breakfast will also show just how pleased our customers have been:

‘Very tasty.’

‘So yummy…’

‘Great food, highly recommended.’

‘Food is very nice, breakfast items are totally worth spending...

Wow. Delicious, filling, and not that heavy for an English breakfast.’

‘The food is hearty and delicious. Cheese toast is the BEST.’

‘The food was yummy and well done and the sausages were my favourite.
Definitely recommend trying this place out for breakfast!’

2. Quality That Extends to the Delivery Service

The taste of a breakfast can be as amazing as it wants to be but if it is not delivered quickly and with an excellent level of both presentation and service, then taste won’t matter at all. We, at the Breakfast shop, have strived to ensure that our customers receive an industry leading level of service when it comes to our breakfast delivery in Dubai. When you decide where you are going to order your breakfast from, one of the most important things to look out for is a great delivery service. There are many places in Dubai that offer a good breakfast but there are far fewer that can claim to be in the running for the best breakfast in the city, let alone one that comes with a top quality delivery service.

The Breakfast Shop aims to deliver the best breakfast in Dubai fresh to your door. Our dedication to high levels of service when it comes to the delivery of our breakfasts can be seen in how our customers have reviewed it. One customer who recently enjoyed our fresh and tasty breakfast delivery said it was ‘Great and fresh food, delivered quicker than announced’ – which shows that we are able to go even further for our customer and get them an amazingly tasty meal even quicker than they have expected.
‘The truffle cheesy toast was simply the best. 'Quick delivery too. Super recommend[ed]’, said by another satisfied The Breakfast Shop customer. They were happy with all aspects of their meal and delivery service.

We are always pleased to know that we are able to exceed the breakfast expectations of our customers where there is less time between you ordering your breakfast and you enjoying your food.

So what do our other customers think of the delivery service by The Breakfast Shop?

Here are a few of the reviews that we have received about it:

'Quick delivery. Nice Wrapping.’

'Good, dependable.’

‘Quick delivery, I got it in 20 mins.’

'Prompt service.’

3. Freshness is everything

The Breakfast Shop values freshness; and the use of fresh ingredients as part of every dish we make and deliver means that we can be relied upon for a fresh food option whether you are at home or at work, and whether you are alone or in a large group.

Because we ensure that only the freshest of ingredients are used to make our breakfast items, we have been able to supply the working masses (or even the stay-at-home folks) with fresh selection of all-day breakfast meals. The freshness of ingredients can be counted as one of the main factors that set us apart from our competitors. Very few food delivery services nowadays are known to use only the freshest of ingredients, and we make it as part of our requirements.

Being as strict as we are about the freshness of the foods has made our customers love us even more. One satisfied The Breakfast Shop patron who had his order delivered to him at work said, ‘incredibly fresh and delicious.’  He was impressed and surprised how fresh it was for a delivery service.

So is the food delivered by The Breakfast Shop really is as fresh as we say it is?

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews that we have received regarding the freshness of our food here at the Breakfast Shop:

          ‘One of the freshest breakfasts I have ever had!’

‘Very fresh indeed.’

‘My favourite breakfast place! So fresh.’

‘For me freshness is everything and these guys win hands down’

‘If you want a fresh and tasty breakfast in Dubai then the Breakfast Shop is the place to get it from.’

4. Variety is the spice of life

‘Variety is indeed the spice of life.’ And, with that in mind the same thing applies to most if not all aspects of it; including breakfast. There are many reasons why variety can be important in something as simple as food choices. One reason is that variety breeds creativity and helps maintain a challenged and productive mind. This being said, it is therefore important for you to make the most of your breakfast choices and you can only really do that by ordering from a restaurant that has a wealth of options to choose from.

Many places in Dubai and the surrounding regions may provide great breakfasts, but they mostly cater to the Arabic diners and customers. We try to cater to more palates and hope to reflect that in our widely varied menu. We have aimed to create a menu that incorporates the varied tastes of foodies from different backgrounds and have added dish after dish of authentic cuisine from around the world. But do not just take our word for it, why not have a look at some of the breakfast meal items on our menu that are inspired by various world cuisines.

Some great examples of this are:

All Indian Breakfast
The All Indian Breakfast
– This breakfast is (as the title suggests) an Indian inspired take on breakfast with a number of ingredients that are commonly found in Indian cuisine. This breakfast is comprised of scrambled tofu, idly, vegetable curry, coconut chutney, mango pickles and dosa bread. Not only is this an amazingly tasty Indian-inspired breakfast, but, it is also a great Vegetarian option with that spiciness common to the Indian cuisine.

All Asian Tapsilog

The All Asian Tapsilog
– Here, we have a Filipino inspired breakfast. This is beautiful dish which was named after its ingredients: crispy beef (Tapa, “Tap-”), garlic fried rice (Sinangag, “-Si-”) and sunny side up egg (Itlog, “-Log”). So, if you are looking for an interesting, fresh and tasty breakfast option, then this is a great choice.

Shakshouka - Breakfast Delivery Dubai
Shakshouka – Of course, we had to include a great Arabic option in our menu so we went for the Shakshouka as we believe that it represents the very essence of simple, fresh taste from the Arabic breakfast menu. Our Shakshouka is made using two baked eggs in a delicious tomato, red pepper and chili salsa. Why not try our own version of the Arabic favourite breakfast dish?

All English Breakfast
The All English Breakfast – What breakfast menu would be complete without a full English breakfast on it? Well, we have what can be considered as one of the best English breakfasts in Dubai. Our English breakfast is made up of 2 eggs, sausage, veal bacon, baked beans, grilled vegetables and toasted bread. It is a great meal to have for breakfast or lunch and it is most definitely a hearty meal to get your day off to a flying start.

All Mexican Breakfast
The All Mexican Breakfast – The All Mexican breakfast takes its taste cues from the much loved Mexican foods. Comprising of 3 scrambled eggs, sour cream, guacamole, home-made tomato salsa, spiced Mexican beans and whole-wheat tortilla bread, this is one filling breakfast you can choose for a great and satisfying way to start your day. It also makes for an amazing lunch choice.

All American Breakfast
The All American Breakfast – Here, we have one of our popular breakfast dishes not only among the westerners, but basically to everyone. Many of our best reviews are from customers who have experienced and enjoyed our All American breakfast as it apparently reminds them of home. Consisting of pancakes, 2 eggs, sausages, veal bacon, maple syrup and toasted bread, this is a great meal to have at any time of day.

5. An authentic English Breakfast

While we may have mentioned that we serve an English breakfast, we are not the only ones who can say that. We are amongst the few who can proudly deliver an authentic English breakfast experience. Why go for a less fresh and less authentic option when you can order one of the best English breakfasts around?

Our satisfied customers can prove the authenticity of our English breakfast. Here are some of the comments and reviews we have received:

‘This English breakfast really reminds me of home.’

‘I ordered the English breakfast for me and my colleagues and everybody loved it.’

‘Very authentic English breakfast.’

‘I needed a good filling breakfast and went for the All English at the Breakfast Shop. It was incredible.’

6. Value for money

We understand how our customers work to earn a living which is why we want to always to make satisfying breakfast dishes without being too expensive.

‘They have great breakfast options at value for money prices’, says one of our satisfied customers which only shows how satisfied he was not only with the selection available but with the value for money as well. Another of our customers had a similar review: ‘Decent menu and good value for money’ which just goes to show that we are leaving customers pleased with our prices and the food we deliver.

Aside from the food, our customers also noticed our packaging. We have really put some thought into the way that we pack and send out our breakfast deliveries. Since we know how important presentation is to foodies in Dubai, we have taken all this into account. The result has been a ‘simple and neat’ packaging that just adds up to the enticing and carefully prepared meals.

Well, there you have it! If ever you needed a reason to try the varied breakfast menu on offer at The Breakfast Shop, now you have 6!

If you would like to try one of the best breakfasts in Dubai, check out our menu online and order today to have an amazingly fresh, tasty and great value for money breakfast delivered to you straight away.
From your breakfast plates and sandwiches, to pancakes, toasts and more, you definitely have all the breakfast options you want and need for that healthy yet satisfying meal to get you on the go.

So, if you are thinking about breakfast, then think of The Breakfast Shop.

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