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The best breakfast Around the World - which one will it be today?

Breakfast sure is important, but which one is the best choice when it comes to the first meal of the day? Cultures have been developed around food customs for centuries, and eating now a croissant in the morning is not just a simple fact of putting food in your body, but also a cultural statement. This gives big liberty and inspiration if you want to come up with a new way of enjoying breakfast every day or surprise your loved ones with a breakfast-venture.
Table Featuring some of the Best Breakfast Around the World
You can experience a different corner of the world in every single morning without even being late for work. And we are here to guide your every step in order to make sure you get the best breakfast every morning!

The American dream starts with the morning plate

America is known as being a place of great variety when it comes to cuisines. With all its influences and mixes of cultures, it can’t be anything less. So here are five best ways to fix a breakfast meal in the tasty, American way.

1. Cereals and milk. If you want to start the day by the book, this is a great way to make sure you get all the nutrients you need for the first part of the day. Though it’s more popular for kids, cereals are a great source of energy, no matter the age. So don’t be afraid to mix the two most beloved ingredients of a perfect American breakfast.

2. Peanut butter and jam – This is a fun and tasty version of breakfast. If you want to have a pumped day, full of energy and joy, then the mix of a protein bomb with some tasty sweet jam is the best way to start it! And since it’s for the morning, there is no reason to feel bad about the calories! They will all go away until evening!Peanut butter & jam - The American Breakfast

3. Waffles – Do you like waffles? ‘Cause Americans sure love them! Especially in the morning with some tasty sweet syrup and a glass of milk or orange juice. Of course, they work great with coffee too. Just be careful to not over energise yourself and start jogging all the way to work because you’ve mixed too much caffeine and sugar. Which is not such a bad idea, after all, is it?

4. Nutella toast. Ok, maybe you will think that Nutella is not really American. But the Nutella toast has been appropriated by the American culture and is nowadays a very popular breakfast in every American home. Although it is, for sure, of Italian origins, who can resist Nutella after all?

5. Pop-tarts may not be the best option but it’s definitely good when you are on the go and can’t waste much time in order to fix a real breakfast. They are easy to eat and if you mix them with a glass of milk, they may even seem to make up for a decent, healthy-ish breakfast.

Europe has some secrets of a tasty first meal

The old continent sure has a lot of delicious secrets to share, when it comes to the best ways to start the day. And the best thing is that the styles are so different that it’s impossible to not find something to enjoy, no matter what kind of breakfast person you may be – sweet or salty, light or heavy. So here are some ways to start the day, European style.

1. Cappuccino and cornetto is an authentic Italian experience. Start your day on a terrace, facing the beautiful sea while enjoying a delicious cornetto and a flavoured cappuccino and you will feel instantly like you’ve just started your vacation on the Italian coast of the Mediterranean Sea. And if you’ve forgotten your alarm and you are already running late, but still want to enjoy an Italian breakfast, try the Espresso Machiatto and panino. It’s a fast version that will allow you to make it in time for the meeting.

2. Croissant and coffee – The French saga. France is known for a lot of mouthwatering dishes. And breakfast makes no difference. Though it’s a small, light meal, the French breakfast has everything you need in order to start the day in a great way. A flavoured coffee, accompanied by a sweet, tasty croissant is one of the best morning energisers that get you on the move.

3. Smørrebrød is a traditional Scandinavian open-faced sandwich made up of rye bread and butter as the main ingredients. Once you’ve got the basics, you just add whatever you feel like eating: cheese, salami, ham, jam or even chocolate flakes.
Smorrebread- Scanadavian Breakfast Dubai<< <
4.  Pal a la Catalana is a simple, easy fix that the Spanish people love. You can easily make it yourself – you just need fresh bread, garlic, tomatoes, some olive oil and salt. After you rub the bread with all these ingredients, add some cheese, ham or sausages for toppings and there you go – a flavoured tasty breakfast.

5. The traditional German breakfast is usually for those who are waking up ready to empty a fridge. The authentic wurst, local cheeses, and freshly baked bread are definitely not for those planning to start the daylight. And, let’s not forget the ever-present coffee.

Middle Eastern flavours in the morning

The Middle East is a great location for those who want to be inspired in improvising in the kitchen. Their spicy flavoured food can never disappoint, no matter the meal. So let’s dig into some and explore the best breakfasts coming from the Middle East.

1. The Egyptian breakfast, known also as Foul Madamas, is a filling bean-dip that will keep you pumped all through the morning. This is usually made of fava beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon, and it features some boiled eggs and fresh vegetables. This breakfast option is a healthy and nutritious meal that will fuel your body for the whole morning.

2. Aloo Paratha is the traditional dish served as breakfast in Pakistan and it consists in a flat bread made in the frying pan. It usually contains ghee and it comes stuffed with vegetables. Locals usually like to roll it and dip it in tea or eat it with butter or spicy sauce. Even though it sounds simple, this breakfast is a good option for a fast, yet nutritious and filling morning meal. Aloo Paratha - Quick Indian Breakfast

3. Breakfast in a Jordanian way usually includes Labneh, hummous and falafel. These are the top choices for breakfast in Jordan and they come with olive oil, lamb sausage or butter on the side. Though this might seem like a heavy breakfast, it helps to get you up and working in no time.

4. Shakshouka is a Tunisian breakfast based on eggs and tomato sauce. This delicious, healthy breakfast is a good reason to wake up and get out of bed. The flavoured dish will make you leave the comfort of your sheets in an instant and get your day started.

The Asian path to a spicy morning

Another continent not to be ignored in matters of breakfast options is, of course, Asia. With its unique style, Asian cuisine is a top pick when searching for new breakfast experiences.

1.  Some Indian breakfast options are perfect for vegetarians.  One of which is the Misal Pav. Originally from Maharashtra, this recipe consists of the spicy curry misal and the Indian bread rolls – pav. The curry is usually made from lentils and mixed spouts and it’s served together with butter, curd and papal. You can feel free to add some roasted potatoes or veggies sausages. The ingredients can be mixed in any way you want, giving you a lot of freedom in playing with what ends up in your plate. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. The way your body reacts to the breakfast will set the mood for the whole day. South Indian Breakfast Delivery- Dubai

2.  Vietnamese breakfast is a must-try experience for sure. This one is for the people who like to start their day with a dose of proteins. Bahn Mi Op La, for example, is a fried egg sandwich in a crispy baguette with chilli sauce. This works great in the morning with some fresh juice or ca phe sua de, the Vietnamele ice coffee. 

3. Filipino Tamales are a great twist to the Mesoamerican breakfast favourite that will surely spice up your day from the first moments. Made of rice flour, coconut milk, boiled eggs and chicken or sausages, this dish has everything you need in order to begin your day fully energised and ready for success.

4. The Chinese savoury crepe or Jianbing is a traditional Chinese breakfast dish made in just a few minutes. Just prepare the regular pancake mix and add in the process some chopped scallion. Then mix it with some egg, and add your favourite greens and flavours and there it is breakfast to eat in the morning in no time.

5.  The Malaysian Roti Canai is a flat bread served in the morning. This crispy bread is usually served with different types of curry, or with sambal. It can be served also sweet with a glass of milk or coffee. So make it your way and then enjoy it in a lazy Sunday morning, or grab it quickly on Wednesday before heading out, it’s perfect either way.

Every day is a new adventure – make your breakfast count

Breakfast is important all over the world, and depending on what kind of lifestyle and climate people are used to, they adapted this first meal to better fit their needs. Depending on your taste or culture, you can choose any kind of breakfast dish you want. And in order to make sure you have enough options, we’ve prepared a list of other dishes you can try on your first meal.

1. The Turkish breakfast usually features a full table of goodies, but one interesting dish is the Yumurtali Pide. This is a flat bread that has on top cheese, tomatoes and eggs. These homemade breads are perfect both for a relaxing, slow breakfast, or an on-to-go meal for those in a hurry. And let’s not forget the flavoured Turkish coffee with an aroma that will drag you right out of bed in a moment! Though nowadays breakfasts might turn into a fast meal, the traditional Turkish breakfast turns the whole morning routine into a ritual that is prepared carefully step by step. In order to prepare a complex, authentic breakfast, you need, besides the main dish, some of the following add-ons: white cheese, black and green olives, honey, jam, boiled eggs, and sliced vegetables. Mediterranean Breakfast Dubai - The Breakfast Shop

2. Close to the Mediterranean, we can find another great version of breakfast – a Greek one. Greek food is generally delicious and healthy, and breakfast makes no exception. Usually, Greeks like to start their day with a flavoured Greek coffee, or a Freddo Cappuccino and a tasty pie which can be feta pie, spinach pie or olive pie. And do not forget the creamy yoghurt they have. It works perfectly with any kind of meal. Also, if you want something sweet with the coffee, you can try the freshly made bread with tahini and honey. 

3. Bacon ‘n’ Egg Bundles – if you want to have the true American breakfast experience, then you should definitely try starting your day with some delicious bacon. This breakfast dish is easy (and quick!) to make, and it’s a total caloric bomb that will set even the laziest mornings on the right path. All you need are bacon, eggs and butter, and you are ready to make yourself a super-breakfast.
American Breakfast Delivery Dubai
4. The Polish breakfast Jajecznica is somewhat familiar to all of us. It’s scrambled eggs, Polish style. It is covered with slices of kielbasa – a traditional Polish sausage. This dish too has different variants depending on what ingredients you use to enrich its taste.

5. Moroccan Breakfast is based on the principles of tastiness and healthiness. The main ingredients include eggs, olives, khlea and fruits. It can also come with variations of local dishes such as Msemen, a particular type of bread served with honey, butter or soft cheese, or B’ssara, a delicious bean soup.

6. The Taro Bagel is a tasty breakfast option in Hawaii. The Taro vegetable can be served as a traditional poi or turned into delicious ice cream. It can also be turned into the topping of a morning bagel served with some iced coffee.

7.  The Icelandic Hafragrautur is fit for cold mornings when you need something tasty, healthy and warm. It’s a simple breakfast made of oatmeal and milk, and it’s served with brown sugar, raisins, and nuts. If this breakfast can wake up the Icelanders in the cold winter morning, it will definitely get you up and running too!Icelandic Breakfast

8. How about a morning sausage, egg and bacon pie? This is an Australian breakfast and is as tasty as it sounds. Together with some cheese and coffee is more than enough if you want something to grab just before leaving your house in the morning. It’s easy to make and it will serve its purpose: you won’t start the day on an empty stomach.

9. The Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet is a tasty dish served in the mornings which will kickstart your day in a few minutes! This Alaskan breakfast is packed with proteins and a lot of carbs in order to get you out of bed even in the coldest of the days

10. Last but not least is the Swedish Lemon Pancakes. This sweet morning treat is really easy to make and it goes perfectly with some hot, flavoured coffee. The lemon aroma will wake up all your senses and the sugar mixed with coffee will fill you up with energy for the whole daySwedish Breakfast - Lemon Pancakes

With so many delicious options, finding what to prepare for the morning meal should be a piece of cake. But if you don’t really have much time to waste in the kitchen, you can try a Breakfast delivery in Dubai.  One of the easiest options is The Breakfast Shop.  With a great variety of dishes, we bring together a wide mix of cultures with a lot of breakfast options for you to have the best breakfast experience every single morning.

Even if you are a vegan, vegetarian or meat lover, you don’t have to miss a good breakfast. No more dishes to wash, or toast to burn. Immerse yourself in an early food experience and explore the cultures of the world from the comfort of your home.

Leave the rest to us and we will fix you a delicious meal and have them delivered right to your front door. So leave the flour, the jam, and the spatula – just grab the phone and make a call. Or, check our website and pick your breakfast-venture for the day.

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