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15 Cheesy Breakfasts to Keep your Kid Pumped Up All Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for kids.

But also, what the breakfast is made of can have a huge impact on your kid’s level of energy and general well-being. In this blog, we will share with you 15 healthy and delicious breakfast options for you and your kids that will get your kid right out of bed in a second.

Health in a cheese dip box

When it comes to serving a healthy and tasty breakfast for your little ones, cheese is an essential ingredient. Its creamy texture and delicious flavour will, for sure, bring a smile on the face of your children. And on top of that, it contains nutritious mixes for starting a day fully pumped. Depending on the source of the milk, cheese can be a tasty source of not only Calcium but also vitamins A, B1, B2 and B12. It will help build up strong bones and also healthy and strong metabolism. The best way to serve the cheese for your kids is by mixing it with fresh vegetables. This will help with reducing calorie consumption.

Melted cheese is the perfect binder for the child – parent relationship

The time spent together with a kid should be a high priority for a parent. And what better time to bond than breakfast? Starting the day together is the perfect pretext for family quality time. You can use it to set a good mood for the whole day and prepare together a healthy breakfast that will fill your bodies with the best energy. Besides, this is a very good exercise for those parents who want to teach their kids to be more responsible. 
By preparing breakfast together as a family, you're teaching your kids that every member has a role to play to complete the task at hand. 
If you are looking for options for such healthy and bonding dishes, check out our Cheese for a Cheerful day list of recommendations:

1. Cheesy toasty

A simple dish to share with your little one before parting ways

The mix between the American yellow and white cheddar is a delicious way of starting fresh in the morning. The smell of this baked cheese will definitely wake up your little prince or princess, dragging their noses to the kitchen, just like in Tom & Jerry. Ready to be devoured in a couple of minutes, this breakfast idea is a great improvisation for the days when you’ve woke up too late to prepare anything fancy. And as a side benefit of the low level of complexity, you can easily get your kids involved in the preparation of this delicious treat.

2. Spinach and zucchini breakfast fingers

A full breakfast to satisfy every member of the family

This easy recipe can be easily made in the mornings and it’s a great boost of vitamins and minerals for your toddler. The cheese has the minerals and fats needed for a young person to have a day full of energy, and the spinach and zucchini help out with the vitamin input. All in all, even though it’s a simple recipe, it sure is a complex breakfast that can be enjoyed with your family and loved ones.

3. Pepper boy

Pepper Boy - Cheesy Breakfast This one is a bit more complex and it’s meant for the days when you want to enjoy a full breakfast and fill yourself with good food and good vibes from the beginning of the day. It can also serve as a bonding activity for the week-end mornings when the whole family gets to cook together. Scrambled eggs and Emmental cheese will make a perfect tasty base for the breakfast. You can flavour it after with caramel onions, aioli and bell peppers on sourdough. There’s no going wrong with this varied plate which includes some of the most nutritious and delicious ingredients. And the taste will definitely get everyone up and ready for a new day in school!

4. Baked avocado eggs

If you want to green it up a little but still keep a mousy texture for the breakfast, these cheesy baked avocado eggs are the perfect answer. The mix between eggs, avocado and cheese is a mix made in heaven. The melted cheese on top of the baked eggs balanced perfectly the softness of the avocado. And the flavour will sure wake up even the sleepiest of the kids and make them get up and join you in the magic room – the kitchen. These tasty bites are so good, they may even make your kids excited about maths!

5. The halloumi

Halloumi Cheese Breakfast
An easy fix for a fast morning - a plate full of tasty fresh Halloumi cheese, herbs, olives and veggies, all wrapped in delicious bread. You can even pack this as a breakfast on the go if the alarm clock didn’t ring this morning, and you found yourself on a very tight schedule. With this fast wrap you can make sure your kid will always get the best out of his or her first meal of the day, regardless of where the meal is eaten. And you can be sure your kid will always go for the Halloumi wrap instead of the junk food, because… who would ever say no to Halloumi?

6. The breakfast club

Breakfast Club
For the moments when you want to turn the first meal of the day into a celebration

The soft black bun together with the fried egg will set a great sponge-like texture to be balanced by the soft and creamy avocado and cheese, and all together bound with the delicious Japanese mayo. A great breakfast like this demands to be slowly enjoyed, together with your loved ones. Nevertheless, the preparation of such a breakfast is a highly enjoyable task, which can be split between the members of the family, creating a collaborative environment and learning how to work together.

7. The parmesan zucchini crisps

Are you looking for an easy to prepare a snack that can replace a healthy breakfast during a busy morning? Try this dish and make sure you will amaze everyone! Who needs the old unhealthy crisps coming from a shelf in the supermarket when you have these golden snacks packed? This can be the perfect breakfast if you are planning a day trip and have to prepare an on the move breakfast for the little ones. Easy to prepare and pack, you can take these tasty bites with you everywhere. The only challenging thing about this recipe is making sure your kids won’t finish everything until you even manage to pack it!

8. The reformer (for the healthy)

The Reformer Breakfast Dish If you have decided to be more aware and picky with what ends up on your kids’ plate, you can always try a little reform in the kitchen! Egg white with feta cheese and sumac, together in a sunflower brown bread is a perfectly healthy meal that will keep the bad out of breakfast. Some additional wild rocca and tomatoes will refresh this sandwich, pumping up fresh energy in the body and some avocado will perfectly balance the intense feta cheese taste to reach a delicious equilibrium. This sandwich is easy to prepare so you don’t need to wake up half an hour early to prepare it. It’s a great option for busy parents who still want to make sure their kids get a proper nutritious breakfast meal.

9. Croque madame

Caprese Toasty Breakfast A full breakfast that will fill in even the most hungry of your family members

The flavour of the baked smoked turkey mixes perfectly with some cheese and fried eggs and ensures a high amount of proteins. This intake is only fit for a strong breakfast meal, meant to prepare your children for a full busy day. Just keep in mind that such a high amount of proteins should not be on the menu every day and that meals like this it’s better to be followed up by some active days. Which makes this protein bomb the perfect breakfast for an adventurous day outdoors. If what you are looking for is a way to ensure high levels of energy and enthusiasm, then this is the breakfast meal you are looking for!

10. Caprese Toasty

Caprese Toasty Breakfast
If you want to start the day with a Geography lesson, then what about some mozzarella & pesto? You can turn breakfast into an educational experience and use the deliciousness of foods to spark some interest in different cultures and culinary habits. This way you will turn breakfast not only into a feeding experience for the body, but also for the mind, and you will induce the interest in exploring and learning through fun methods. And with a breakfast like this, your kids will, for sure know to place Italy on the map and maybe even share with their friends some interesting facts they found out while preparing breakfast with their parents in the morning!

11. Bacon cream cheese balls

Bundles of taste for your little bundles of joy

This delicious treat is perfect for those moments when you want to put a smile on the faces of your dear ones, from the first hours of the day! An explosion of taste with a delightful texture to wake up all the senses and leave your little one ready for a new, exciting day. And all you need is chopped bacon, some spring onions and some Philadelphia cream cheese. Three ingredients to make your morning magical. And the recipe is quite easy to make also! The only challenge is the waiting time ‘cause you have to leave the rolls in the fridge for some time.

12. The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Breakfast

If the Geography breakfast was a success and now you’re ready to introduce your kids to the whole Mediterranean culture, you should also give a try to this recipe. This is a big and complex breakfast, which can be shared in the morning together with some interesting stories and information about a different corner of the world. Labneh, zataar and foul are a great aromatic combination, which together with majduli cheese and green olives will introduce your loved ones to a new culinary dimension, sharing with them the unique flavours of different cultures.

13. Truffle’d cheesy toasty

We’re sure that your kid loved the cheesy toasty, but repeating the same dish too much will make you end up with a boring breakfast. That’s why you should always give it a little spin, even though you may be preparing the same thing two times in a week. For example, you can mix the American yellow and white cheddar with some black truffle oil. This will help your kid remember about the other similar breakfast, while still appreciating the new flavour of this one.

14. Spinach and cheese muffins

For the mornings when you want to give your kids a sugar-free treat

Even though they may require a little bit more time to prepare, the smile on the little face of your kid will be worth the trouble of waking up one hour early to bake them. The whole process is not that complicated, you basically mix all the ingredients and put them in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes, until they reach the golden, delicious shade. Just imagine how pleasant must be for your kid to come to the kitchen and be welcomed by the smell freshly baked cheesy muffins. The sugar will be off the menu for sure!

15. Ranchero Burrito

Ranchero Burrito

We are closing this list of suggestions with one very delicious sandwich. A handful of healthy proteins to make sure you set the right course for the day: beans, eggs, avocado and, nevertheless, cheese. This is definitely a mix to be remembered throughout the day. Kids would often skip a healthy and nutritious meal for some more appealing snacks or junk food. But if you make sure they start the day with a Ranchero Burrito sandwich, you can rest assured that at least one of the meals provide the nutritious value they need for the day.

Getting Ready for a Cheesy Breakfast Treat

Preparing breakfast with your kid is a great activity and it’s an opportunity to bond. But we know this is not always the case. Sometimes schedules are so busy you have to choose to either prepare the breakfast together and eat it on the way, or just order something fast and enjoy eating together. If you chose the second option, there is no need to worry about getting food at such an early hour.

Even if you decide to bond over the preparation of a new recipe, you can always back it up with some toasts and sandwiches, just make sure you have covered the needs for a full breakfast. There are plenty of options for breakfast delivery in Dubai, and one of the most varied menus with morning dishes is The Breakfast Shop. You can order cheesy breakfast, sweet breakfast, or even a vegan breakfast. We made sure to have options for any taste or preferences. And on top of that, you can also benefit from some of the best prices, ordering a cheap breakfast in Dubai.

Also, if you decided to have a lazy family weekend and not get out of the bed until 12, worry not. You can keep the lazy ambience and just order in because at The Breakfast Shop, you can have all-day breakfast, no matter the hour. We all know parenting is hard and sometimes in the week-ends, all we want to do is relax, stay on the bed as much as possible and order in.

Whether if you’ve planned to not get your hands dirty, you woke up late or the spinach and cheese mini muffins didn’t turn out quite as imagined, just reach out for the phone and order some delivery. Even the best parents have this kind of days, and the most important thing is to have a good breakfast, not necessarily a homemade one. One way of having a good breakfast in Dubai is to have it delivered directly to you, and not worry about the preparation or post-dishes trauma.

There are plenty of cheesy dishes you can order for breakfast too. Just take a look at The Breakfast Shop menu and pick your favourite dish. Our breakfast menu will definitely fit all culinary desires and where you can find plenty of the cheesy breakfast options mentioned above.

So make your choice for tomorrow’s morning: fix a plate or fix an order, just make sure your kid gets all the nutrients and vitamins needed to have an active and energetic day by ordering the right breakfast meal from us!

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