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10 Egg-Cellent Dishes for Breakfast in Dubai

Breakfast Dishes Blog Cover ImageThe Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reason behind it is because it replaces nutrients that are lost during the night, and gives you a solid foundation that takes you right through till lunch time. For the vast majority of people though, breakfast is often overlooked completely. Either that or it boils down to a piece of fruit and some toast. These quick and easy ‘grab and go’ breakfasts do not, however, offer you the protein and other nutrients that you need to make the best start.

Breakfast delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has changed the way that many people in the UAE eat this first meal of the day. Now it seems that the breakfast culture within the UAE is changing further with the ability to order breakfast online. While it was once a quick snack that would be eaten minutes or even seconds before leaving for work, or even on the way in; now it can be ordered so it comes in time for you to enjoy it properly at home or in the office. It has also allowed for a wider selection of breakfast choices than before.

The traditional breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi had once consisted of falafel and hummus with pita, a wide selection of preserves and dips, and tea and coffee. For a somewhat fuller breakfast, some additions such as sandwiches or wraps were added. The breakfast that is now favoured within the UAE today is slightly less traditional with the appearance of egg bringing some extra much-needed protein to this important meal. Although the addition of egg to an Arabic breakfast is due to more western influences, it has been welcomed as a valued part of breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and to the greater part of the Middle East.

Nowadays, you’ll find that egg is found in almost every breakfast favourite in the country. That’s why we have put together 10 of our delicious dishes (with eggs included!) that are now available for breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

10 Egg-licious Breakfasts from The Breakfast Shop

The All-English breakfast

All English Breakfast from The Breakfast ShopThe English breakfast is considered one of the more filling breakfast choices around the world. Created for the working class of an industrial age Britain, this breakfast would traditionally see a cup of tea or coffee served alongside a large plate consisting of bacon, eggs, sausages and either bread or toast. Also known as a ‘full English’, there is almost no end to the additions or variations of this breakfast which could include fried mushrooms, baked beans, tomatoes amongst others. The All English Breakfast has over time become almost a national dish and is as well known in England as fish and chips and a Sunday roast. Although this style of breakfast is much loved, it is not that widely available within the UAE.

The eggs in an All English Breakfast were traditionally served fried, scrambled or poached. At The Breakfast Shop, the ‘full English’ breakfast has been designed to fit a more modern diet. The All English Breakfast as we call it consists of 2 eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, baked beans, grilled vegetables and toasted bread. This means that you can now get a great balance of delicious taste and much-needed protein all in the same dish delivered to your door. Experience the All English Breakfast from The Breakfast Shop today.

The All American Breakfast

American Breakfast from The Breakfast ShopThe origins of an All American Breakfast can be traced almost directly back to American Hotel breakfasts. This Americanised version of the ‘full English’ breakfast became fashionable as it included most or ‘All’ of the items available on the breakfast menu. Favoured by hotel guests all over America, the All American breakfast soon found its way to diners and truck stops across the country. The filling breakfast has been a staple of the working man’s diet in America ever since it first appeared. The ingredients of an All American breakfast are much the same as a ‘full English’ with a few changes or added ingredients. As well as tea or coffee, you can expect a glass of orange or grapefruit juice. Cereal or porridge is another addition and of course no All American breakfast would ever be complete without the token pancakes.

Similar to our All English Breakfast, the eggs in the All American Breakfast can be fried, scrambled or poached. We like to think that our version of the All American breakfast captures the traditional essence of the dish. This dish consists of 2 eggs, pancakes, sausages, streaky turkey bacon, maple syrup and toasted bread. The addition of pancakes and syrup is what really makes the All American a slightly more decadent version of the classic ‘full English’ breakfast.


Shakshouka from The Breakfast ShopShakshouka is amongst the most traditional of Arabic breakfasts. The word ‘Shakshouka’ itself is an Arabic slang word meaning ‘a mixture’ and the original dish was made by poaching eggs in a tomato sauce filled with other ingredients like onions and chilli peppers. The dish was traditionally spiced with paprika and cumin as well as a range of peppers and would be served as part of a traditional Arabic breakfast. It is believed that while the dish has been around in the Middle East and the Mediterranean for quite some time, the addition of eggs and vegetables is attributed to a Tunisian influence. The eggs in this dish serve as the main source of protein and therefore, have become a feature of what was once a tomato stew.

Here at The Breakfast Shop, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a breakfast no matter what your tastes are. Our Shakshouka is made using 2 baked eggs in a delicious tomato, red pepper and chilli salsa. This is the perfect addition to your breakfast if you want to go for a more traditional choice that reminds you of Arabic home cooking at its best. Order your Shakshouka today from the Breakfast Shop.

Deli in My Belly

The Breakfast Shop Deli in my BellyDeli in My Belly is another great choice of breakfast if you like the idea of fusion foods or breakfasts with influences from other cuisines. It is based around the classic and delicious Indian omelette which serves as an important part of many Indian breakfasts. With the main ingredients of an Indian omelette being eggs, tomatoes, herbs and a selection of spices, it is easy to see why this tasty dish has gained popularity since its creation. While some variations include grated cheese sprinkled over the top and others include meats such as chicken or seafood such as shrimp, this classic omelette consisted quite simply of eggs, green chili peppers and onions chopped finely, with some salt and cumin. The protein content of this dish makes it not only a great breakfast but also good for lunch and dinner as well.

Because we at The Breakfast Shop are passionate about breakfast, we have added the Deli in My Belly breakfast to our menu so you too can enjoy that classic Indian breakfast dish. Our version of the Indian omelette contains 3 eggs omelette, cooked with onions and green chilli peppers, and served with paratha bread. The addition of the paratha bread only serves to further introduce that glorious Indian influence. If you want to add a touch of Indian cuisine to your breakfast delivery, then order yourself the Deli in My Belly today.

Croque Madame

Croque Madame from The Breakfast ShopThe Croque Madame is a classic French inspired breakfast dish which came about from adding egg to the more traditional Croque Monsieur. Beginning life in the bars and cafes of French city centres, the Croque Monsieur was a boiled ham and cheese sandwich which is then baked or fried. Served as a quick snack or as part of a breakfast, the Croque Monsieur which translates to ‘mister crunch’ became a staple of the French diet. For those who desired a little more from this typically French breakfast dish, there was a slight variation available in the Croque Madame which was essentially the same dish but with the addition of a fried egg placed on top.

The Croque Madame that The Breakfast Shop added to our already star-studded breakfast line-up is made using baked smoked turkey, cheese and fried egg. This breakfast choice is perfect for those who want to add a touch of French class to their breakfast experience. If a Croque Monsieur just won’t cut it, order yourself a Croque Madame from The Breakfast Shop today.

Steak & Eggs

Steak and Eggs from The Breakfast ShopSteak and Eggs has been a typical breakfast dish in quite a few western cultures. The high level of protein in this dish means that it has since its first appearance gained popularity with those needing a hearty meal to start their day. The roots of this dish may be traced back to Australia where it was a popular breakfast dish for those who worked with cattle or horses in the outback. Since then, it was copied by American soldiers who served with the Australians in the Pacific War, they in turn began to eat Steak and Eggs before they went to war. This pre-adventure trend has also seen it become the preferred breakfast of NASA’s astronauts before launch. Wherever it is eaten though, you can be sure that the fibre and protein found in a dish of steak and eggs is among the highest of any breakfast.

The Breakfast Shop has taken this classic and high protein breakfast choice and we have made it our own. Instead of just simply plating up some steak and some eggs, our Steak & Eggs breakfast comes in the form of a burger. Start your day with this great breakfast burger which contains soft potato bun bread, fried eggs, caramelised onion and cheese. Order yours today and enjoy Steak and Eggs in the burger way.

The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club from The Breakfast ShopThe Breakfast Club is another choice of breakfast burger that we offer at The Breakfast Shop. A breakfast burger of our own making, there is not that much history behind this dish. It can be said that this dish is somewhat inspired by flavour combinations that are more commonly found in Japanese cuisine. With the rise in popularity of Sushi and other Japanese dishes within the UAE over the past few years, it is no surprise that influences have made their way to the breakfast menu. This breakfast choice is a perfect example of the flavours and textures from Japanese cuisine being used in a more general breakfast.

Here at The Breakfast Shop, we have taken some of the much-loved flavours from Japanese cuisine and combined them in a breakfast burger. Our Breakfast Club burger combines a soft black bun, our favourite fried egg, Japanese mayo, avocado and cheese. The combination of these tastes and textures makes for a not only delicious breakfast choice but also a protein-filled one. Order yourself the Breakfast Club breakfast burger today and see what all the fuss is about.

The Reformer / For the Healthy

The Reformer Vegan Roll from The Breakfast Shop

Healthy breakfasts have been gaining popularity with diners all over the world. The newer food trends will all take into account these healthier dietary requirements which include those of vegetarian and vegan diners. The Reformer / For the Healthy breakfast is another great example of a vegetarian breakfast done right. Most vegetarian breakfasts will include proteins like cheese or egg which are then paired with salad leaves and fresh raw vegetables. The more filling varieties will then add wholegrain breads as well as hummus or other bean dips. As the vegetarian diet does not allow the consumption of meat, there is a heavy reliance on eggs and cheese for protein, especially in breakfast dishes.

Our take on the vegetarian breakfast here at The Breakfast Shop is that it should be healthy yet filling and packed full of nutrients and fresh goodness. The Reformer / For the Healthy breakfast is exactly that as we have combined egg white, feta cheese, sumac, wild Rocca, tomato and avocado, served in sunflower brown bread to create something new and amazingly tasty dish. The heart healthy option of removing the egg yolks and the addition of feta cheese only make this breakfast choice even healthier. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, and you want the best breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, order yourself the Reformer / For the Healthy breakfast today

Pepper Boy

Pepper Boy Sandwich from The Breakfast Shop

The Pepper Boy is another in-house creation from the team here at The Breakfast Shop. Based on the classic deli sandwiches served on sourdough bread all over the world, the Pepper Boy takes taste to another level. As one of our vegetarian choices, the Pepper Boy combines the creaminess of cheese and the slight tang of Aioli to make a beautiful breakfast sandwich.  Many breakfast sandwiches will rely on their meat ingredients to supply the dish with protein. Here, this is not the case as the protein is provided by the addition of scrambled eggs to enable this sandwich to be more than just great tasting, but to set you up for the day too.

Our vegetarian breakfast selection would not be complete without the Pepper Boy which uses scrambled eggs, emmental cheese, caramelised onions, aioli and bell peppers all served on delicious sourdough bread. This is one of the best choices for a truly hearty vegetarian breakfast options available in the UAE today so order online at the Breakfast Shop.

Ranchero Burrito

Ranchero Burrito from The Breakfast ShopThe Ranchero Burrito is a twist on the classic burrito which is a staple of any Mexican menu. Essentially the Mexican take on a sandwich, the classic burrito usually consists of a tortilla made of flour which is wrapped into a cylinder around its various ingredients. The burrito began life as a Mexican street food that could be eaten while on the move. The more traditional burrito recipes saw re-fried beans accompany meat as the only fillings. Once the dish moves stateside, however, it became a different story altogether and the addition of various types of rice as well as sour cream became commonplace. The fact that you could combine a selection of your favourite ingredients within this Mexican wrap made the burrito a perfect choice for breakfast as well as all other meals. This also meant that it was a great food choice for vegetarians who could substitute the meat for a protein of their choice.

At The Breakfast Shop, our Ranchero Burrito maintains much of its classic and traditional heritage not to mention the taste. It does this by combining fried eggs, black beans, salsa, cheese, avocado in protein wrap bread. By using protein wrap bread and fried egg, the Ranchero Burrito is able to deliver all the protein that you will need to take you through till lunch. Order yourself a Ranchero Burrito online today and experience a Mexican style breakfast with a difference.

The Best Breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We hope this list of breakfast dishes available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been able to help you decide what you will be enjoying at the start of your day without missing your daily dose of egg-goodness. As you can see, we, at The Breakfast Shop, are passionate about breakfast and pride ourselves on being able to offer not just a great selection of breakfast choices, but fresh and delicious ingredients as well, and all delivered to you wherever you are. So, whichever breakfast dish you want your favourite egg with, all you have to do is visit our website. Go on, you are just a few clicks away anyway – order your breakfast today!


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